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Have a Samsung Slate Series 7. Installed Win 8 to try it out. Don't understand all the whoopla about the Matrix Interface. It is just a badly designed shell on top of a badly executed Win 7. Have used the pen with Journal since 2003. With Win 8 Journal did not have palm rejection! What? Really? And my Toshiba M205 works great and looks great with 1400×1050 screen resolution. Only problem is its battery 2.5 hrs and the weight of nearly 4.5 Lb. Ahhh, if my iPad just...
Apple does not do much for a couple of years ... LM company's revenue goes way down ... .... then Apple gets the entire company for pennies on the dollar?
NO! Windows 7 "sort of works", Windows 8 DOES NOT WORK.Have been using Toshiba M205 Win XP Tablet with Wacom digitizer since early 2004.Recently bought a Samsung Series 7 Slate, came with Win7 Pro. Yesterday I installed Win 8. Smooth install, about one and half hour to install.Then the nightmare started.I use Journal and the pen of course extensively on Toshiba M205.Windows 8 does not have any palm rejection while in Journal. Really?And with Win 7 the finger touch...
The iPad has enough horsepower run OSX. It is a matter of time... As for size I just bought a Samsung Series 7 with 4GB of RAM and the l5 CPU for 3D modeling.
Calm down my friend. lots of people don't understand mm.
... on my aging iPad 1. But I use FilterStorm a lot, excellent product. Make sure you watch the videos to fully take advantage of what it has to offer. (No, I am not related to FilterStorm)
amen, amen, amen.
That would the most stupid move for Microsoft to make. Office for iOS needs to be 100% functional equivalent to the PC version, or the crowds will object!
... get a couple before they pull them off the market, then wait 10 years, and sell it on eBay for $450000 ... or a million and a half.
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