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now get rid of the crappy Yahoo stock information
is that the new iphone?
samesung at it again...
Why in the world would i piss away $84 USD a year on this when i can use Google Docs for free?
Watch Samesung rush to release something called "HealthApp"
 yep. look at faux news
i do not see the logic in giving students iPads.  A Chrome Book would make more sense IMO.  Basically the kids need acess to the internet, Google Docs would let them write reports, term papers, create presentations, spreadsheets, etc...  Sure you can still hack the Chrome Book to run Linux but having a keyboard on a dirt cheap device for kids who are going to loose, break, have stolen, etc... an IPad is not what they really need.
it is simple...money.  the vast majority of bloggers and analysts are paid shills. The amount of money Microsoft, Samesung, Google, etc... are throwing around is mind boggling.  There is no other viable explanation for the anti-apple reports out there.
 i know.  the real news would be if Samesung did not copy Apple.  I will _never_ buy a product with a Samesung logo on it and i will continue to encourage everyone i know to do the same. Friends don't let friends Samesung!
 they are starting to do this. Where i work they have the horrible WebSense nonsense which blocks all sorts of things. At least twice a month GOogle will be blocked along with Gmail for a few hours.  Then i check BING and MSN/Hotmail//Live Mail/Outlook or whatever it is called this week and they magically work fine.
New Posts  All Forums: