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I am not accident prone and don't drop my phones very often at all, but I am too cheap to pay for the consequences of a serious drop.  I usually put my case on for the first 18-24 months I have the phone (I have only upgraded once every 3 years), then I go without a case when I am willing to buy a new phone if I drop it. As a side note, I almost never drop a phone with a case on because it is much easier to grip than without the case. Second side note, my iPhone 6 is awesome!
Well, no one is being forced to do anything. I suspect that Apple has contracted for a massive amount of space on the shippers vessels. Most likely the shippers get paid regardless of whether any merchandise is actually shipped. Any company willing to lay down the cash can do the same. That is one advantage of having billions of dollars just sitting around.
There are several factors that I have been able to discern.  The first thing you have to understand is that it is very common for people to live far from home to work and stay in company dorms.  One of my guys lives about 2 hours by plane, BY PLANE, and only goes home every couple months to see the wife and kid.  So if a job in your specific discipline opens up closer to home that is one motivator.  Since there are always new projects starting, it isn't unlikely that you...
I work in china and our construction contractors regularly have upwards of 40% of their work force not return to the job after chinese new year. If foxcon had higher than expected retention this is totally plausible reason they put a freeze on hiring.
So the take away from your post is that even at the higher price you are still a buyer.  Why would they change if you don't stop buying.  It is like gasoline prices, Exxon et. al. charge whatever they think they can get away with, not what it actually costs.  Although I would have a harder time not buying gas to drive to work than I would not having my iPad.
Guilty of what?  Selling their products for whatever price they choose?  I guess you could say they are "guilty" of being dicks, but that is about it.  You could always stop buying the products that are overpriced.
  Spoken like someone who doesn't understand how china operates.  Even though they are made in china they are made for export and there are import taxes for them to be sold in mainland china.  see http://asia.cnet.com/china-reduces-consumer-import-tax-for-electronics-62218375.htm
    I think you are both missing the point.  There are plenty of taxes to be paid here in china.  If true, one of the likely reasons to do this is so that the local consumers don't have to pay the import taxes that are currently levied against all apple products.  This makes them more expensive here than in the US.
I live in china and I think and from what I see at work with the locals, you are on the money. Everyone here wants an Apple product, many are willing to spend the money for them even with the very high cost relative to salaries here.  [My parents both had the iPhone 3G, then they switched to androids on the advice of my brother (at the time they wanted to get back on verizon and there was no iPhone yet).  They hated them every day for two years, when they got new...
I live in China. Apple doesn't need a cheaper iPhone to sell them here. Tons of people already have them and everyone wants one. They are very expensive relative to the wages, but people still find a way to buy them. The nationals are always asking Americans to buy them in the US when they go home because they can get a better price.
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