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I live in china and I think and from what I see at work with the locals, you are on the money. Everyone here wants an Apple product, many are willing to spend the money for them even with the very high cost relative to salaries here.  [My parents both had the iPhone 3G, then they switched to androids on the advice of my brother (at the time they wanted to get back on verizon and there was no iPhone yet).  They hated them every day for two years, when they got new...
I live in China. Apple doesn't need a cheaper iPhone to sell them here. Tons of people already have them and everyone wants one. They are very expensive relative to the wages, but people still find a way to buy them. The nationals are always asking Americans to buy them in the US when they go home because they can get a better price.
You would wait longer, I would actually pay more.  Not huge amounts, but I would be in for a a few percent.
I agree.  I live in china and some of the places I like to go are actually in the right spot in Apples's maps vs. not in the right spot in Google.  My experience is there are many items in Google's maps that are not exactly right.
You guys are confusing gyroscopes with accelerometers. 
I think the donation part would be nice.  I would like an easy way to donate a small amount of money on a recurring basis to the podcasts I listen to.  It is just a hassle to go enter in payment info every week or two to give 99 cents.  If it was built into the system I would do it. 
My parents got iphones and then switched to android a while back so they could get back on the verizon network.  They hate their phones and are counting down the months to be able to get iphones again.
This looks exactly like the set up I have had for more than a year (I use a smart cover and a thin poly back case that I got on amazon for $4.5 or so).  I really like the set up.  
Sorry, but 30K data points is more than enough given proper protocol.  You could question the protocol but not the sample size. 
This is my new patent and I am going to file against apple: 1. Have computer 2. Connect to a network 3. Design hardware everyone wants to buy using your computer on a network 4. Develop software using the computer on a network 5. Use computer on a network to sell product 6. Make $100 Billion dollars 7. End  
New Posts  All Forums: