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I am not currently an ATT customer. I canceled service about 9 months ago. One of my iphones was the original that I used until June of 2011 and one was an iphone 4 that I paid the cancellation fee on. Both were unlocked in less than 30 minutes. I got the message about unlocking on the 4 but not on the original. The original is now making calls on another network. I am still working on my SIM cutting technique for the 4. ATT was very nice and friendly about the...
My unlock was accomplished while on the phone with ATT this morning. I did a sync to one iphone while waiting for the tech rep to enter the info for the second one and when the sync was done I got the "congratulations your iphone is unlocked" message. All in less than half an hour including hold time.
I just spent over 90 minutes on the phone trying to get two iPhones unlocked that met all of the requirements. The support people all agreed that I should be able to unlock the phones under the new policy, but no one knew how to implement it. The information at this point is it may require filling out a form and mailing it to ATT, but they support people couldn't provide the form. They couldn't take the IMEI number and enter it in the system (even though I canceled my...
You can't answer an iPhone with one hand? Do you just have really small hands or something? I hope they don't change the whole design for non dexterous hands.
This will likely work on a national scale, but in smaller communities the supply isn't nearly as constrained and this could hurt some stores. I went in to best buy looking for an iPad last week but they said they didn't have any. I went to Walmart and got the one I wanted.
These plans seem like the most convoluted pile of sh*t. Why not just charge per MB? Seems like the answer is if they did that they couldn't bilk as much money out of the customers. I am happy I still have my original iPhone and unlimited data.
My computer runs fine. Seems like a good enough excuse to me.
I wish the upgrade to Snow Leopard was free as part of the launch of the app store. My Mac works great as is and I don't want to pay $29 for the privilege of buying apps.
I am still using the iPhone 2G and don't feel like I have an underperforming phone. Will probably upgrade with iPhone 5 mostly due to battery life decreasing.
Is anyone familiar with the manufacturing techniques? I am struggling to understand what is so hard about making something white. Sorry I am ignorant, but would like to understand.
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