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I wish I actually got a cheaper rate on the service if I paid full price.  The plans cost the same (at least in the US) for someone that pays full price.  There is just no contract or termination fee.
I paid full price for the original iPhone (500 for 16GB).  My family is still using it as a phone (we also have other iPhones now).  I think it has been a tremendous value for the cost.  What other cell phone has a life of 5 years +.  We have 2 64GB iPad 2s (with the smart covers and 3G they cost 879 each).  We use them every day for a few hours.  I think the value is very high.  My wife doesn't even touch the macbook or imac now that she has the iPad.  I think the iPad...
That is faulty logic.  You don't just get to make assertions and claim they are true until they are proven wrong.  That is a logical fallacy called "shifting the burden of proof".  The burden of proof (i.e., providing evidence that your claim is true) is on the person making the claim.  In this case it is you.
I had the same experience on Sunday, but when I called back on monday they had the whole process streamlined. Just call them back and you will be unlocked in about 30 minutes.
I am not currently an ATT customer. I canceled service about 9 months ago. One of my iphones was the original that I used until June of 2011 and one was an iphone 4 that I paid the cancellation fee on. Both were unlocked in less than 30 minutes. I got the message about unlocking on the 4 but not on the original. The original is now making calls on another network. I am still working on my SIM cutting technique for the 4. ATT was very nice and friendly about the...
My unlock was accomplished while on the phone with ATT this morning. I did a sync to one iphone while waiting for the tech rep to enter the info for the second one and when the sync was done I got the "congratulations your iphone is unlocked" message. All in less than half an hour including hold time.
I just spent over 90 minutes on the phone trying to get two iPhones unlocked that met all of the requirements. The support people all agreed that I should be able to unlock the phones under the new policy, but no one knew how to implement it. The information at this point is it may require filling out a form and mailing it to ATT, but they support people couldn't provide the form. They couldn't take the IMEI number and enter it in the system (even though I canceled my...
You can't answer an iPhone with one hand? Do you just have really small hands or something? I hope they don't change the whole design for non dexterous hands.
This will likely work on a national scale, but in smaller communities the supply isn't nearly as constrained and this could hurt some stores. I went in to best buy looking for an iPad last week but they said they didn't have any. I went to Walmart and got the one I wanted.
These plans seem like the most convoluted pile of sh*t. Why not just charge per MB? Seems like the answer is if they did that they couldn't bilk as much money out of the customers. I am happy I still have my original iPhone and unlimited data.
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