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I am still using the iPhone 2G and don't feel like I have an underperforming phone. Will probably upgrade with iPhone 5 mostly due to battery life decreasing.
Is anyone familiar with the manufacturing techniques? I am struggling to understand what is so hard about making something white. Sorry I am ignorant, but would like to understand.
Based on the context I think he was talking about android. It is almost like it was a canned statement he memorized to respond to android questions and happened to use it after say something about apple. Even directed at the Android market I think he is still off base. My discussions with folks at work indicated that Android has a better brand image than MSFT.
Yes you can. Just buy fewer shares. All of the online brokers allow odd lot purchases. At places like share builder you don't even have to buy whole numbers of shares, you just tell them how many $ per week you want in a certain stock. My dividend reinvestment allows me to buy fractional shares of stocks I own (although this is not applicable to AAPL).
It wasn't stated, but I think it should be illegal. I think that an investment house should have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. Just because "we" feel it is a problem doesn't make it a law. Congress gets heavily influenced by lobbyists to ensure that these types of activities don't become illegal.
I hope memory cards aren't the future. I hate them and I am glad I don't have to deal with them for my iPhone (2G version). I rarely use the whole 16GB on my iPhone so I don't feel like it would add anything to have card capacity. I never change the one in my camera (even though I have 2). I wish it just had a couple GB internal. I realize that I may be in the minority on this one.
You speak the truth on the bailout. My problem with Goldman is how they were selling customers one set of securities and then betting that those same securities would go down in value with house money. See the link below.http://www.businessweek.com/news/201...evin-says.html
If the information is limited to certain innocuous information it should be OK. For me that would be my gender and what state I am in. I would prefer they not have my name (the news app by apple would make that possible). I don't really look forward to the day where I am reading Wired and I get a custom "happy birthday" add. Apple has my email address, my physical address, my phone number, my birth day, my credit card number, my ISP, my IP address, the MAC address of...
I don't want it even if they do pay for all aspects of it. What if apple has to make my battery smaller to fit it in and keep the device the same size. What other consequences would there be even if the price didn't change? Can they "pay" to eliminate these types of issues? How about we let the market decide if they want that feature. The RIAA should develop an MP3 device with radio capabilities and put it out there. If it takes off due to that feature then it will be...
There should be an asterisk after "inside" and it should say: *Except for backdating stock options.
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