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I don't want it even if they do pay for all aspects of it. What if apple has to make my battery smaller to fit it in and keep the device the same size. What other consequences would there be even if the price didn't change? Can they "pay" to eliminate these types of issues? How about we let the market decide if they want that feature. The RIAA should develop an MP3 device with radio capabilities and put it out there. If it takes off due to that feature then it will be...
There should be an asterisk after "inside" and it should say: *Except for backdating stock options.
Yes, it is statistics and it can work if they did the poll right. A random poll with responses from 500-1000 people will model the entire population of the US within a couple of percent error. see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_poll
I think I am going to wait until iPhone Gen 5 to upgrade. I am amazed that my 3 year old phone still rocks for my purposes (I am not a very intensive user though).
Silly you trying to bring logic and reason to an argument like this.
Am I the only one in the country that is going to keep their first gen iphone even after iphone 4G is one the market?
Doesn't apple own the copyright for the commercials? So why would that have anything to do with it?
I am more interested in the GPS than the 3G.
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