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16 Plus 6 equals?
My iPhone 5 was delivered 29 calendar days after I walked into an AT&T store and ordered it.
I really miss those daily briefings from the Iraqi Information Minister. Luckily, SB fills the void every now and again.
$900 share price??? Have they been smoking Gene Munster's Piper pipe? Oh wait... I took a few hits off Gene's hookah over the years and my shares are worth $640 this morning. 
Now I know why Woz was tailgating me on his Segway with a helmet cam during rush hour...   >Traffic could also play a key role in Apple's new Maps application for iOS 6. The company publicly announced last April that it was "collecting anonymous traffic data to build a crowd-sourced traffic database."
The next BIG Mac OS event will be the unveiling of MAC OS 11. Codenamed "steve"
And it will look quite beautiful sitting next to your chocolate brown Zune, I'm sure.
Airplay is wonderful and was well worth the wait. It's fun to "wow" the uninitiated.
You forgot the "Scott Moritz is an idiot" axiom: whenever he posts a negative apple story (99.9% of the time) pre-market, the stock usually rises at least 1.5% { Cramer's bit-whore boy for sure.} Behold the iFlop!
aapl has been a great cash cow for me the last 8 years. BUY HOLD sell a little--> buy a little---> book profits.. rinse and repeat. If I had bigger cojones I would borrow against my house, grab up a hundred shares, and hold for 12 months. Even a 450 price target would be a sweet harvest. 550? Another mid-life crisis sports car!
New Posts  All Forums: