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Well, it's about time... MONKEY BOY! Don't forget to enable flash and shoehorn a blu-ray drive in it. You DO play nice with blu-ray now, don't you?
"I'm a PC and crappy looking knockoffs are my idea."
Woz appeared to Steve in a dream and instructed him to trade Cook to MSFT for Ballmer straight up. "Picture yourself in a boat on a river..."
Reading Scott Moritz comments on Apple (aapl) is akin to slowing down to observe an automobile accident aftermath: http://www.thestreet.com/story/10669...ple-iflop.html
Competition is good. If the smaller form factor is a success, expect Apple to add that to the lineup in the not-too-distant future as well. I was thinking of my first generation iPhone and how nicely it has evolved. iPhone 4 is the greatest phone I ever owned. iPad 1 is the only tablet I ever owned.
It took 15 days for me. Premier customer, but ordered at the local ATT store. Upgrade from 3G. BTW one dropped call in about 100. better than average?
I predict a squarish iPhone with a front facing camera and longer battery life. Call me Nostra-gizmo-damus...
I have a shorter memory. When the 13" MacBook Pro was announced last year, I hit the Boston store two days later. I told the kid, "no applecare, no add ons, just get me the computer." 5 minutes later I'm out the door, MacBook Pro in hand. No "artificial" supply problem here.
My 10 month old MBP is also fine for now. I suggest avoiding an Apple Retail Store and fondling the iPad. Prudence might give way to impulse in a New York minute.
Apple is spoiling us with these weekly announcements and new products. What's next? The new Apple TV? \
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