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I clicked on this article just to see how some of the regulars would either a) pick apart the offering or b) make fun of the guy in the video. AppleInsider posters do not disappoint!
The Nexus 7 was announced at Google IO 2012 which was held at the end of June. The Nexus 7 isn't quite 11 months old yet. In reality we have no idea when a company will ship something, but judging by Google's past revelations at their developer conference, I'm sure there will be something new next week.
S4 Pro? That doesn't sound correct. I'd assume it would be a Qualcomm 600 chip by now.   Edit, I almost definitely have no idea what I'm talking about.
  This isn't true at all. Have you seen the recent improvements in real time ray tracing and rigid body destruction? PC gaming is on a much higher level than consoles. 
This technology is actually pretty advanced. What they have done is removed the need to go the bus when CPU shares data with the GPU. They put it in main memory, mark it, and then the GPU is allowed to use it. Currently, the CPU can only send data over the bus. I saw some demos of this and it is quite impressive they have been able to come up with this solution.
  Both Intel and AMD have projects that have similar capabilities the Microsoft Kinect, but in a smaller package and targeted at desktop or notebook usage.
Perhaps they are preparing to institute a device payment plan. By default you pay for your device over the first 24 months of the contract.
"less refined" -- Those are two very subjective words when put together. Why can't it just be a worthy competitor to the iPhone 5? More choices for more people.
If it ships with 4.2.1, that came up in November, 2012. I guess the FUD train goes both ways.
You do realize that GDC is a developers conference? 15000 people who are involved with the creation of games attend. E3 has a different audience.
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