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Amazon is most definitely a technology company. Amazon handles at least 1% of all consumer internet traffic. They host a metric shit ton of web sites.
The comments here are pretty negative, but here's what really happens:   Can't use Android device to control AppleTV. The GoogleTV protocol is open, so the opposite is possible.. Airplay isn't an open protocol. Android gets some benefits to accessing Google unpublished APIs. It has been getting a bit better as of late, but Apple/Android experiences aren't equal.
This makes sense. Others want to be validated by the fact that the device they choose to use is the most popular.
Apple appears to be selling about 4.7 million units a month and that is comparing to the Nexus 7 which is just short of a million a month (whatever that means). It still shows there is plenty of room in the tablet market.    Also shipped vs sold is a weird thing. Companies like Samsung and Asus can only count shipped product because they might do much direct to customer sales. Apple does more direct sales than channel sales, so it is an easier thing for them to...
ICS is only about a year old. It was released this time last year with the Galaxy Nexus. And general availability in the US wasn't until December if I remember correctly. JB came out on June 27th.
The international version has an Exynos processor. The version in the US uses the S4 due to incompatabilities with LTE. There is no conspiracy here.
1. I've never seen an ad on my maps. 2. Yes it tracks me. I like it that way 3. I have no idea 4. No 5. None of this is a problem   I like searching for a place I might go, and then having a link in my notification bar with directions to that place. I like this level of integration.
That's the problem. It replaced something that mostly worked. They might have given you something worse than what you already had. This isn't a product introduction, it is a product replacement. Because of that, it needed to come out the gates firing on all cylinders. It can't get there eventually.
Did these same groups complain that Apple never released the specification of this so-called open protocol?
This might be an Apple board, but you can't just go rattling off untruths. Google pretty much releases all the source for the core operating system. Device drivers by 3rd parties can come as blobs. If what you said was true, there wouldn't be two generations of Kindle with roots in Android.
New Posts  All Forums: