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Before you were entertaining. Now you are just wrong. The issue with the low level drivers had nothing to do with your perceived screen lag. The devices themselves aren't slow. It's the lack of low level access to hardware.
That's definitely not true. I most definitely buy a new macbook pro every year, but I prefer android on my mobile devices. I like that we have choice. A few years back before the iPhone was released, times really were dark.
You say this as if Google doesn't already have Wallet. Expanding to compete is not the same thing as copying.
The truth won't come out. Too much money is at stake. What we are seeing here is a one set of high paid lawyers vs another set. 
Maybe many people don't even realize that there is an update. If I were to ask my wife what Mountain Lion was, she'd grasp straws and go back to surfing on her Macbook Air.
PowerNap is definitely one of the biggest features I've been waiting for in Mountain Lion. Backing up at night while the mac's lid is close is a big deal.
It's weird that you would compare Q4 11 to Q1 12. Normally, wouldn't they compare Q4 11 to Q4 10? When you sell physical items, there is bound to be some sort of pattern (holidays, summer slowdowns), so comparing one quarter from the last might not get you the best results.
I guess you can cheer all you want. You'll never see one red cent of the fine :)  
I think the biggest difference is reason that John Carmack made this quote:    “The idea that I can be presented with a problem, set out to logically solve it with the tools at hand, and wind up with a program that could not be legally used because someone else followed the same logical steps some years ago and filed for a patent on it is horrifying.”   It is possible to develop very similar software given a similar set of constraints. Should the first to market (or even...
This is what blows my mind. Beyond who is wrong vs who is right, Why don't we have patents that explicitly state their purpose. Ambiguity should be cause for invalidation.
New Posts  All Forums: