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My new macbook pro doesn't do this. 
When Lion was released, its version of XCode made it a difficult developer for some developers who relied on the compiler tool chain. Hopefully this transition will be more seamless.
  I've seen people say this before. Is there actually a documented case of this happening? Or is this a rumor of a rumor?
Blackberry phones are still pretty common. Plenty of companies still issue it as the corporate phone.
I noticed this last week while riding the train. It doesn't make ticket collection any faster.
Actually that's not quite true. a 3D game on the ipad better hit 60fps, or you'll notice. It'll look like crap if it doesn't.
I think it would be hard to convey the benefits of a high resolution on a device (your tv) which can't achieve that resolution. I still have to give apple kudos for trying.
Lawyers win in lawsuits. It is a sad stair of affairs.
Ultimately, that is the problem. While the Apple platforms are good. They aren't good enough for everyone.
Yup. CES has always been the place to see new TV tech. It has been like this for years. Apple really doesn't have anything to do with it.
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