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Is it because a divided people are easier to conquer? I feel like Apple and Google (and all other huge money making businesses) continually try to Kaizer Soze us.
Well that really depends. Comparing a Hyundai Genesis R Spec with a base model C class (or any C class sans the C63), I would definitely rather drive the Hyundai. (Car analogies don't really work when comparing computers)
Record this on your iphone, and play it back to yourself. Hello Pot, have you met Kettle?
The Kindle Fire isn't the fastest tablet. That being said, I don't have nearly the amount of problems that the author of this article has. I'm able to read books, surf the web, and play quite a few games. Is it all perfect? No. Has any mobile device really been perfect? No. It is pretty usable, and sometimes I think we, as a group, just like to complain. I wouldn't like this to be my only tablet. It isn't the fastest thing in the world. The lack of the Google ecosystem,...
+1. I felt the same way. Too bad, we don't know quite what HTML5 really is. All the browser vendors seem to have a slightly different vision.
That does seem pretty silly. On android, say "Navigate to 123 Main St, Any Town, Any State", and the right thing happens. We all patiently await Siri 2.
GM has a production car with over 600 hp. And another that is pretty damn close. I think the Car/Apple analogies are getting a bit old.
Franchise games make a crap ton of money. That is why they are still such a big deal. Modern Warfare which will be release next week is predicted to make a over a billion in revenue during the first six months (http://www.psu.com/Modern-Warfare-3-...a013489-p0.php)
Your math won't add up at scale. We aren't sure if the market will even bare 100 Angry Birds type games.
I find this to be an interesting response. In many (most?) cases, databases are IO/memory limited, not CPU bound.
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