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I could easily say another smug AppleInsider retort designed to belittle rather than uplift the conversation. I actually don't use any iDevices. I enjoy my macbook pros because they are a good combination of attractive hardware coupled with a pretty good operating system. I find it interesting that you so-called pros just sit and complain about every little thing. If you are so professional, you should be remaining agile with things that make you money. If it takes a move...
You mean almost like the 27" iMac?
I doubt that. Rich people tend to have other rich people friends. Even if they are from different companies.
I don't understand these statements. I have a phone with LTE, that surely does last over 24 hours. If I need to go longer, I can just replace the battery or plug it in.
You are wrong! The Apple chips have an Apple logo on them.
AppleInsider sure seems to love the quoted word headlines. Maybe they'll 'enjoy' this post.
10 - 11 months from now? By that time, the whole issue might be moot. Once again we learn an important lesson: lawyers always win. Even when no one else wins.
No source? Just conjecture?
Could we have one article without bitterness? Please? Maybe some more Apple is cool stuff, without mentioning anyone else? Pretty Please?
There are no page outs because I have recently rebooted.
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