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I actually would like 12GB or 16GB. 8GB isn't really enough for me anymore.
I was hoping they would upgrade the memory capacity to 8GB. Seems a bit disappointing among all the other good news.
Apple doesn't understand what open means. Remember when they said the Facetime protocol would be open? What it alls come down to is money and market share. Google is doing what they think they should to address the fragmentation issues. The problem with these huge companies like Apple and Google is every move they make, they'll piss off someone who knows how to come to forums like this one and complain extra loudly.
Most of these phone companies used to be one company. Many of them came into existence after the original AT&T breakup.
I logged in just to say that. The app google released for google io had a pretty large feature set, and they actually allowed everyone (even the folks not attending) to install it on the android phone.
I ordered a i7 hires 15" with the nonglossy coating on April 14, and it came on April 21. Are we sure that is the real reason?
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