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@steveau No. I can type a bajillion times faster than I can hand write words. Keyboards are still a useful tool. And, the notes I do take with my Pencil I don't want converted to text.... they are drawings and graphs and math: stuff I can't type. Handwriting OCR is one thing I don't miss at all on the iPad Pro.
 Notability is one of the only notes programs (beyond Apple Notes) that supports the only stylus that matters anymore: the Apple Pencil. It supports it _perfectly_
With a regular stylus I used PFF iAnnotate for the last 1.5 years in grad school. It was fine for marking up professors pre-published notes/slides. However, now that I have the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil... Notability is awesome! The handwriting looks JUST like my handwriting on paper. I'm actually using it to do all of my homework now as well. My only knock on Notability is that it doesn't have the best file management system. PDF iAnnotate excelled at this... with...
Transit directions are spot on in Boston. This is the first Transit routing app that gets my commute correct. My commute is funky because I live near an outbound only bus stop... so in the morning I actually catch an OUTBOUND bus... and ride it around until it becomes an inbound bus and makes its way to the nearest subway station. Every other transit app has me start my commute by walking a mile or so to catch the same bus at an inbound stop. It would technically...
Well. I updated to 9.0.2 and I'm at least seeing stations in Boston... but Transit directions are coming up with nothing.
Not working in Boston yet... hopefully soon!!
One piece of context that these types of things often miss is that MULTIPLE PEOPLE live in a house!   IFTTT is _terrible_ in this regard.  If you set it to turn off your lights when you leave and turn them back on when you get home... then it will do that regardless of who else is home.  So if I run out to the store at night... my wife is automatically plunged into darkness.  If I go for a jog in the morning then my wife is blasted with all the lights in our house when I...
This! I bet the Pencil comes with a charging cable.Everyone needs to chill out!
Paying at Starbucks with your Watch works really well. Just load your Starbucks card into Passbook and you're good to go!
Actually: One of the cool things Spotify has that Apple Music doesn't is an API ( https://developer.spotify.com/web-api/ ) that any developer can use to query this kind of information.This has lead to a fairly decent ecosystem of apps that all work with Spotify (including Uber and Songkick which I personally use).I haven't heard about anything similar for Apple Music...
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