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Actually: One of the cool things Spotify has that Apple Music doesn't is an API ( https://developer.spotify.com/web-api/ ) that any developer can use to query this kind of information.This has lead to a fairly decent ecosystem of apps that all work with Spotify (including Uber and Songkick which I personally use).I haven't heard about anything similar for Apple Music...
I used it at McDonalds today... worked great. I use it everywhere I can... but so few retailers actually accept it.
? What are you talking about?  Last time I checked lots of people go to work, use public transportation or otherwise find themselves in situations where talking out loud is not convenient. I've been using this app now for the last few days and it's really freaking handy.  Since it came out I've used it at least a little bit every day to see my wife and my dog a little more often while I'm away. Anyway, thank you for your insightful contribution to the discourse here!
@foggyhill  actually an app like this still "goes to sleep" after a long period of not looking at your watch... similar to the way iPhone apps "in the background" eventually get moved out of memory and when you reopen them they do a quick reload.  You can see it happen in certain Apps when you raise your wrist.   I'm not sure what the timeout time is though...
Used it a few times today... works great so far.   I'm currently on a business trip - so it's nice to check in with my wife in a discrete way while still being able to see her.
I want it. I often want to see my wife to say "hi", but I'm usually in some shared area with lots of people where it would be annoying to FaceTime (airport, work, bus, subway, meeting, etc) This is to FaceTime what regular texting is to making a phone call. It's really funny to me how literally ANY story about a new app / service receives tons of comments about how stupid it is. Do you people just not have any imagination? I'll definitely be checking this out tomorrow.
I use this all the time to keep Reminders Nano open to my grocery list while I shop. Very handy!
Not unscientific at all. I stated my sample size and my population bias (Scientist owners). Then stated my conclusion based on the data I have seen: this has never happened to any of our MacBook pros therefore I don't suspect it to be a systemic failure (a fault with the hardware), that leaves environmental failure on the table (ie the user).You now know my data, experiment and results and are free to show otherwise with alternative data.This is certainly more scientific...
No way. I work on a computational science team of 50. We are exclusively Mac based: both laptops and workstations. Over the years we've owned several hundred Mac laptops. We've already owned ~100 Retina Macbook Pros (we stay current because our computers are our main tools). That's not a huge sample size... but I can still say that I've never seen anything like this. There is simply no way that this is "normal" in any sense of the word... and it definitely isn't...
This is good news. It was definitely a missing piece for me. I have Spotify pegged at Extreme for both streaming and syncing and I let it sync over cellular too. Audio is so lightweight anyway that it barely even makes a dent in my data usage.
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