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Well. I updated to 9.0.2 and I'm at least seeing stations in Boston... but Transit directions are coming up with nothing.
Not working in Boston yet... hopefully soon!!
One piece of context that these types of things often miss is that MULTIPLE PEOPLE live in a house!   IFTTT is _terrible_ in this regard.  If you set it to turn off your lights when you leave and turn them back on when you get home... then it will do that regardless of who else is home.  So if I run out to the store at night... my wife is automatically plunged into darkness.  If I go for a jog in the morning then my wife is blasted with all the lights in our house when I...
This! I bet the Pencil comes with a charging cable.Everyone needs to chill out!
Paying at Starbucks with your Watch works really well. Just load your Starbucks card into Passbook and you're good to go!
Actually: One of the cool things Spotify has that Apple Music doesn't is an API ( https://developer.spotify.com/web-api/ ) that any developer can use to query this kind of information.This has lead to a fairly decent ecosystem of apps that all work with Spotify (including Uber and Songkick which I personally use).I haven't heard about anything similar for Apple Music...
I used it at McDonalds today... worked great. I use it everywhere I can... but so few retailers actually accept it.
? What are you talking about?  Last time I checked lots of people go to work, use public transportation or otherwise find themselves in situations where talking out loud is not convenient. I've been using this app now for the last few days and it's really freaking handy.  Since it came out I've used it at least a little bit every day to see my wife and my dog a little more often while I'm away. Anyway, thank you for your insightful contribution to the discourse here!
@foggyhill  actually an app like this still "goes to sleep" after a long period of not looking at your watch... similar to the way iPhone apps "in the background" eventually get moved out of memory and when you reopen them they do a quick reload.  You can see it happen in certain Apps when you raise your wrist.   I'm not sure what the timeout time is though...
Used it a few times today... works great so far.   I'm currently on a business trip - so it's nice to check in with my wife in a discrete way while still being able to see her.
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