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I was never sold on the idea of "iWatch". Most of the ones which already exist were just gimmicky. But Atlas' version seemed just like the kind that I would definitely get.
In defense of Cortana, she sacrificed herself to save Master Chief and the rest of humanity.
The glut of iWatches products is reminiscent of the MP3 player market pre-iPod era. Must be nice for Apple to have all these guys on the field testing the viability of this new product category first. I can see Apple buying all these iWatches then have a group of designers and engineers doing an autopsy of each, to see what works and what does not work, to create a true killer product.
 I think it obvious that Apple is suggesting to buyers that they are the Mercedes Benz of smartphones. For a decade the Mercedes S Class is the top of the line model while the more affordable C Class infused with older technology yet still commands a premium value.
Well, if you're a super secret agent paid to eliminate a terrorist master mind, i doubt you'd want to be caught on film that'll be posted on youtube.
"pour gasoline..." LOL. Very accurate description.
so, uh, will there be some kind of sticker or mark for authorized lightning cables to help uninformed customers such as myself?
  I worked in the design industry for 10 years, and yeah, what DESuserIGN expressed about Starck is pretty much the consensus in the design community and it's pretty accurate.   The correct comparison would be Steve Jobs taking credit for Jon Ive's hard work which the latter had admitted the former did often.
i agree with most. the $329 is just not a good price.
You do know Apple's mobile processor is manufacured in Texas, USA, yes? Samsung got plant in the US too.
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