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That is the most ignorant comment on top of all ignorant comments i've read in a year. You seriously think the US military is out there to protect foreign companies like Samsung? Where's the FACEPALM emoticon?
Is this not libel what Samsung is doing? Samsung lost against a big company and now singling out this one individual?
Do you know just how many Samsung branded phones that runs Android here in Asia? You can go to any phone store and you'll be greeted with 10 different Samsung branded phones. There's the Y, the Y Pro, the Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy S and etc. And that's just Samsung. Compare that to the singular model Apple release annually. I would be extremely surprise if Android didn't have a larger market share. In fact I am remarkably impressed that Apple, one singular...
In the meantime the advertising firm responsible for this commercial is raking tons of money thanks to the zillion of viewers watching it out of spite. Which of course would encourage Samsung to make more of this ads.   Just ignore it people.
Holy moly, that's the first ever recorded known picture of Jonathan Ive smiling! Congrats to the team!
Will Tim Cook ever going to do anything about all this leaks? Is this the new Apple mandate, let everyone in on whatever new products they're working on? It seems to me they're having major security issues.
... and a whole lot of dead people.
ah got it. thanks.
i'm being stupid but what's the 60 from?
Not seeing that happening for thunderbolt: Anandtech : Upcoming 7-Series Motherboards
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