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what i don't get is, with the amount of resources the US military has, don't they at least have one or two coders that can write an app specific to their needs? Isn't GoodReader written by one developer.
Evil? Really? Are you that ignorant? Saddam, Osama, Pinochet, Soeharto... just about the majority of tyrants in the modern world were funded/supported/gained their power through US support. It was the US that stomped democracy in Iran first before Khomeini rise into power. what the hell are they teaching to their kids in the US these days? And oh, the US just sold $30 billion worth of arms to Saudi, you know a country that have a whopping record of human right abuses...
As if you are ignorant of the atrocity in Europe during WWII. Heck, you want to know about tortures read about the type of toys that was built during the inquisition. I can nit pick things about the US and come up with the same impression. Your sweeping accusations that "it's a cultural thing" for Japanese to experiment on human subjects, slave porn, etc, just show how terribly ignorant you really are. Foot binding isn't even Japanese, another evidence to your ignorance....
you think CGI didn't exist in movies before Steve Jobs arrived on the scene? get a clue.
Steve Jobs did not revolutionize the movie industry. full 3d animated movies would have arrived on the scene with or without Pixar. As for Sculley, it was due to his Newton that Apple co-developed the ARM architecture. Apple later divested the technology due to Steve Jobs decision to only later come back to it for the iPhone. Sculley's Newton may not have been successful commercially but it was the first of its kind and the iPhone was an evolutionary step.
On the Open versus Closed subject Here's a question for Android users. How has the general Android users really used the "open" environment to their advantage in the real world? People would always laud Android for its openness or its flash, but in reality, i haven't seen nor experience iOS "walled garden" to hinder nor pose as an impediment to iPhone usability. People can talk all they want about the advantage of an open Android system, but are they really...
I am with the same mind with the students.
hmmm, no mention of updated quicktime.
Why is everyone so critical about this just because it's intel. The mac is based on an intel platform, if intel can put an ivy bridge chipset on an ultra thin body, apple will benefit too. Hopefully it will also bring prices down. It's a win-win for everyone.
The Byte is a larger set of bits hence it's relevant and not inappropriate use of the English language. The BASIC language stood for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. You type run to send a set of commands through an interpreter which then processed those commands line by line. So it in this case it's perfect sense to use the word run. Your example fail.
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