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and people here seemed to forget the violence sparked by Sony's PS3 launch in the US.
Not only in China, you'll come across a lot of people like that too in where i live.
This is what I like about Apple. They know what they're doing. They know who to get. And they don't gloat or boast about it as much that we have to find this kind detail through rumor sites.
76% growth in Asia? Wow. In most Asian countries Apple products are typically priced $100 or more than the US. Average income is much less than the US too.
All this forecasts in various flavors are well and good to read about. Althhough i'd like to read more what Apple is doing product wise, like how are they going to break into the Microwave market. With the Apple branded television set coming, everything is fairgame now i guess.
hey thanks for the tip. it only collapsed the post though, i was hoping it would completely be hidden. still beats than not having the option at all. again, thanks.
he's a troll. don't waste your energy on this one. didn't AI used to have an ignore this poster feature a while back?
Too true. But in AI defense, I don't think they're agreeing to anything in this article. I just see it as prove to show how confused people working at Gartner are.
This is the Andorid 2.3 (Gingerbread 2010) copy paste function: This Apple like implementation first appeared on a HTC Android Sense UI but limited for the internet browser only while Apple's was already system wide. Again appeared on the Android almost a year after Apple's released their copy-paste UI. It's funny how Android fans ridiculed iOS for not having a Copy-Paste function when first released, but then copied shamelessly from Apple when iOS finally has it.
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