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what? did you even look at the video? that was the form factor Google initially intended. when the iPhone was demoed, Google obviously saw it as a better OS then a year later changed its own UI drastically to mimic the iPhone (A year of software development to create a new UI copied from Apple's iOS). Even a kindergarten kid can easily connect the dots. It's not that difficult you know. jeez, you are so desperate in defending your flawed logic you deliberately ignore all...
are you serious? you think that photo is a myth? either you've been living in a cave or you're a true bona fide troll as everyone here say. here watch this straight from the horse's mouth, Google: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FJHYqE0RDg this was what Google showed the world first before Android had a drastic makeover with similar UI from the iPhone. All conveniently after the first iPhone was demoed. And HTC wasn't the first to have a multi-touch phone, they had a...
people tend to forget that this was what the real Android looked like: So yeah, I'm not surprised Jobs was pissed. edit- sorry for the large size, how do you change dimension with the BB tags?
you can do that now with airplay or homesharing. airdrop is more file transfer than file streaming.
jeez, Steve, get some real rest dude. i'd rather have you not working for Apple for 6 months than not at all permanently. we know you love your job, but you gotta love your body/health even more.
I don't have an android so i'm curious as to how is it not a conducive experience?
Rightly so. I would imagine if the organization had attacked a local entity the Chinese government would shut it down immediately reminisce of the Chinese journalist who reported on Foxconn abuses.
i don't think net neutrality is that much of an issue in Europe as it is in the US. I may be wrong though. I also think Wales criticism for the App Store stem from Apple's power to yank out any offending apps from your iPhone, which so far Apple has never exercised that right so far. I do find it contradictory that Wales would have two differring opinions of the two though. As they both concern private companies flexing their corporate muscle squashing end users over the...
OT, talking about keynote, itsn't there usually an Apple event (not referring to Verizon) around January where Jobs introduces new products for the year.
I'm actually pretty excited about the ASUS Sandy Bridge Tablet. It'll be soon before someone will figure out how to install OSX on one of this thing. The big win of course is its IPS screen, far superior than any MacBook screens.
New Posts  All Forums: