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i'm not at all suggesting that Apple is THE progenitor of all great ideas however why is it that when Apple is involved in a certain category of product somehow legitimizes it for bigger companies such as Microsoft, now Google, to enter even if that category of product had already existed before Apple's entry?
You know, what people do with each other is really their own business. as long it does not endanger anyone then it is not the business for the imams, nor the mullahs, and not even the neighbors to mind about. Shariah is a stone age law not at all applicable to the modern world.
In Indonesia, there is or should I say was a clear separation of church and state. Indonesia has no law requiring women to wear hijab. In fact until the 1997, there was a law which banned hijabs. However now, Shari'a creeping into into our daily lives is credited to a few but extremely loud fundamentalist. Also, in Asia, there's almost no sense of individualism, it's a communal society. It's highly likely women wore hijab to avoid their neighbors gossiping than an act of...
not wanting to push this thread further into a theological debate, but the major problem in the Islamic world today lies with power hungry and politically driven clerics. Most of these imams/mullahs are uneducated and they are preaching to an even more uneducated mass. Europe too had its period where the religious clergy held sway and impeded progress. Galileo sprung to mind. It's pretty much similar to how Verizon and google preach net openness but shoots down anything...
In Indonesia, where the hijab is more popular than niqabs, it's more about conforming to social norms than adhering to any religious tenets. You see women in hijab going to night clubs and bars. A friend wears it so rude men on the street don't bother her. It's quite effective in that sense really. What bothers me most is that the local imams are trying to enforce this even to really young girls. In rural villages I've seen hijabs on babies which is really quite disturbing.
how do you find the baseband version on your iphone? i can't figure it out.
why is Adobe criticizing Apple for not supporting a product that doesn't exist?
Jason Chen in jail yet?
i'm rather quite shock how a large number of people have completely ignored something that's quite significant about Adobe's Flash web app for the iPhone. Adobe has NOT released the product. Steve mentioned this a couple of times on his public letter. So why all this hoopla for something that's not even released yet? Lynch can scream all he wants about freedom of choice on the web, but where's freaking product? Even the Android version was a demo version.
jeez, this "Apple finally gave us the API to fix Flash" is pure Adobe horse manure attempt to blame the fault on Apple and distract people from the real issue. Hello? It's an API to accelerate h.264 videos and just how many Flash sites are there have h.264 videos? The real issue is Flash, with or without video, do cause system breakdowns. period.
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