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Introducing the iArmWatchPlus™ With careful bending you can just bend one around your wrist !! When you need a full flat screen to use safari or play a game, simply bend it back to normal
We don't know what it's for yet. Could be something like letting you 'preview' a song in iTunes longer. To let you hear more of the song to make sure you like it
help. need App that would create a database & once completed opened by a browser Hey any Apple made Apps or programs made for Macs that can Take a list of data= lets say 500 phone numbers & if someone makes an exact match would let the user know it's a match √ database CAN NOT be deployed to a website, just opened by the browser off of the desktop √ Looking for something that would be a small window
I have both the 3G iPhone and the original iPhone I saw today that there was an update for the iPhone 3G - I downloaded it -- and it seems 'snappier' But the problem is I also did the 2.0.2 update to my original iPhone Apple and AT&T had said that you could continue to use the original iPhone as an iPod / and get on the web with WiFi Is this no longer the case? As with 2.0.2 the phone says it needs plugged into iTunes with or with out a sim card
The only thought that comes to mind as far as a 'web shop' would be ebay.... if you catch someone that got an iPhone 3G and for some reason is selling it. I would be very cautious that you don't get taken in on a scam But to answer your question I don't think any cellular company is *yet* authorized to sell the iPhone online
If it is of any help..... I have never had that problem. of note Apple Released iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 today.... update to this firmware and see if your problem some how goes away
Is your service for email with yahoo or AOL or gmail or .mac aka new mobile me?
If your father bought it..... he would have to 'exchange' it ..... and then give it back to you *but I would guess both Apple and AT&T would require the phone to have service -- so before he goes to exchange it - it might be best he temporarily use it as his phone again- while it still has service take it into an Apple store for exchange -- once exchanged give it back to youAs I am thinking this over..... Might be better just to give the phone back to him-- him return...
Did you download the AOL/AIM for some reason I think it was buggy and some how will mess up "root" settings used by other Apps Version 1.2 is out and might make AOL/AIM more stable Of note: Sorry to 'slander' AOL/AIM if it is NOT the cause of the problem *Just going from my own experience / guess on the issue
In response to "C" I could be mistaken but .. I strongly think it would auto-respond to an auto response message Here is why AOL/AIM uses IRC, the basic means of communication in an established IRC session is a channel. The channel is kept open until you terminate it With texting on a cell phone it goes threw the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol that is about 8 steps. but it does not keep a channel 'open' The steps of SMS Since SMS does not keep the channel open--...
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