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Because it was just released.
Apple's R&D resources are likely greater than Adobe's entire market cap. I recommend that you not believe anything that Steve says without independent verification and some thought. He's a tricky guy who uses words in the manner of Humpty Dumpty.
But that is for Geeks. What about The Rest of Us? We need access to web videos!
IPad with no Flash: Better than nothing? I don't see that as a ringing endorsement.
"For the end user like me, content is important. I just want to be able to watch some football. Is that so wrong?" You have your answer. Don't watch football. Watch You Tube.
Did you read the headline of the story you are responding to? It has been released. The vapor meme is now dead. But there are plenty of others to use. Adobe is lazy. I don't want Flash anyways. I like the iPhone.
Just wait. You are living in the past. Instead, as an Apple Soldier, you should be refusing to watch soccer until they switch to the format that cannot be viewed in the vast majority of currently installed web browsers.
But compared to owners of other mobile devices, instead of simply going to the standard website, you need to: Know the app is available. Go to the App Store ad find it. Download it and install it. Find it in Launchpad or whatever the UI is called. Execute it. Store it in memory. I think a web app is more convenient.
I think that you mean that Flash is past and present. In the future, I'll likely have the capability to use the future tech. But in the present, it is nice to have tech which works in the present. Some people disagree, and they value other things more highly than the ability to watch the vast majority of web videos. I can live with that.
They are bound by law to care only about making money. If open is a good path towards making money, they might choose it. If they decide that another path is better, they will choose another path. This is not very complicated.
New Posts  All Forums: