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Hmm, I think you just proved their point, and mathematically your numbers show MS is being conservative.. 40 user sample3 watch users7.5%  7.5% of 500Million AppleID accounts (a 2013 number) would be... 37.5 Million.
In Soviet Russia, Music Services YOU!
 As I think @asymco wrote:  "The market for wrist wearables is potentially 2X the number of people in the world" (people (most of them) have 2 wrists).  So the market is 15B. The problem is the profitable price points, and finding a job to be solved at those price points.   Nike Fuels, and FitBits and Pebbles will niche it out, and people may in fact wear an Apple watch on one arm, and an alternative on the other (how many of us have tossed our laptop out for our...
and the tablet business and the laptop business and the personal music player business
agreed with the underlying premise. The key items are1) nothing [really] new here... just tweaks  performance and price.2) Supply chain... once the cost of of maintaining a sku and subordinate parts is higher than the cost of the replacement item... pffft... it's gone.  Apple just doesn't keep stuff in the product catalog because... especially if it requires ordering a new supply order.3) if this was 'nothing new'  you got to wonder what will be filling the 60-90 minutes...
agreed.   The key to self driving cars is proximity awareness.   (Gee, that box of crap that fell out of the truck 1/4 mile ahead wasn't on the last map update) Gyros/accelerometers are crucial (on the GPS side).   If you know exactly where you were, and exactly your net velocity due do your accelerations (positive, negative, and angular), you should know where you are. Like I said, this is more for walking, iWatch stuff (turn right in 5 steps, go down the hall 10 steps...
 'Using it' or 'realized their cool tech was a patent infringement'  It may have been cheaper/easier/market-locking-outable to buy the company instead of negotiating royalties.  You'd hate to have something 'killer' that every other wearable needs can could do with new chips and some good trigonometry, and not be able to make your competitors sweat out a new design for a couple years, giving you a 2 generation lead.
I don't see the competition.  Your statement' analogue is saying Amazon selling stuff in containers puts you in direct competition with the trucking industry.  When I say, make the containers generic enough that trains, planes and bicycles can be deployed, obviating the need [and the profit margins] of trucking firms. [I do see the 'adversarial' view of net neutrality vs 'bandwidth enhanced partners'.... but that's not competition, that's an outcome of monopolistic...
and what...    Why get directly into battle with NBC Universal /Comcast?  US terrestrial Internet is not in Apple's wheelhouse.  world wide Wireless is.   
[removed... this subthread has been adequately abused....]
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