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$99.  The key is having Siri suggest something that requires you to pay $2.99 per episode.  "Siri, Is there anything good on?""Well, Dave, There's my favorite...  '2001 a Space Odyssey'""Thanks, Siri,  Can you turn up the Volume a little""Sorry Dave. I can't do that.""What's the problem?""I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.""What are you talking about, Siri?"Your Hearing is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it."Siri, I don't know what...
3. Or the ecosystem is supplanted by something we can't imagine, say one that isn't rooted in HW revenues.[I said we can't imagine it... much like people couldn't imagine a world where Microsoft didn't control the user experience]. By your (and I agree) definition, the path to Apple's dominance was buying Soundjam in 1999.  Who da thunk it?
and I think it will be plus.  pro is what we/analysts are tagging it with. Pricing will be interesting, as I sense a loaded (LTE full memory) system will only slightly overlap the entry level Macbook.   Note I didn't say 'Air' (retina macbooks will wash out the 'air' line)  The Macbook will come down to those pricepoints ($899).   I don't think you'll see a $1150USD iPad, so I would think the top top (12"/256/LTE) of the line will be $999, and work backwards from...
maybe not a killer, but it will cut off a lot of markets.Laptops aren't mobile... they are transportable.   My definition of mobile computing is interaction, while mobile. Just came out of a meeting where we spoke of 3,000 sales people who will be in the field doing job bids, needing to draw on satellite map (think drainage/roofing/landscaping), that is dynamically linked to GPS ("Dig... HERE!... discharge pipe. start here(tap) (walk) end here (tap)... okay... that's 201'...
It's not the cost, it's the impact. I'd gladly display ads, as long as a 20Kbytes article doesn't grow to 7MB when all the ads are downloaded.An inline text 10K ad with a link would work just fine... that 2MB Flash ad... blocked.
Actually, I think Microsoft is making as much money [upfront] on Android as is Google;-) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/07/how_much_is_that_microsoft_android_tax_again/
'could' isn't 'would' and I don't think Apple wants to get into that business (dumb pipes). As long as Apple can solve the 'phone number' problem (DNS for phones:  When I get off the plane in Tokyo, can I just get a NipponTel signal, pay via my AppleID, and my contact list can still call me), I just want to be able to change my carrier whenever it's financially prudent.
 2 things...1) Success isn't in units shipped, it's in profits retained.2) I'm having hard time believing the analysts seeing apple doubling revenue, and at the same time dropping to 3rd place in quarterly shipments, when they classify China Smartphones as a 'stagnant' market.  
 The key issue is that IBM is a) a major iOS developer nowb) a major technology consultancy company, requiring durable road warrior workstation quality devices, with technical support worldwide, and stable technical specs (this is a big deal in corp world... buying 30,000 Dells with 20,000 different Hard drive/driver versions is not a good thing when you have any sort of in-house first level tech support).c) need to be in the *nix/iOS/Windows world. This basically tells me...
Double Negative. I agree the devil will be in the content agreements, but I'm thinking and hoping that unified authentication, payment, and search will be part of the new API, and you're not on the new AppleTV without it.
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