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This acquisition is also important in 'understanding' facial expressions.   Don't underestimate facial indicators, minimally the ability to see where you're looking (Siri: "Hey, I see you're not watching the screen, so I'll read you your options..")
“We’ve learned and struggled for a few centuries here figuring out how to make a decent watch,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”   Ed Colligan's Doppelganger in Zurich.
question... does the iOS 'fan' spin counter clockwise in Australia?  
They still sell the 5s.  So not abandoned. (and they typically sold a form factor for 4 years, so my question would be if the 6c isn't the same form factor as the 5s, then i'd be curious if the 5s wouldn't still be sold under some hidden SKUs for product support/replacement units). I see the 6c as the replacement of that SKU.  and using an A8 and delivering in the spring still makes it '1 generation' old (until next September).   Using a 6 camera, and touchID, and apple...
6.8 out of 7.1 Billion people need none of these and 4 of the 5 are equivalent requiring buggy whips and manual transmissions on a modern car (Yeah, I have a need to maintain a diesel engine... can you emulate that in this Tesla?)  And most of those 6.8 billion can count to 5.
I think the term macintosh will remain adhered to the desktop. And I think the iPad pro will not 'converge' the MacBook[xxx] line... it will devour it. Really.    Key tenets:  1) personal computer.  My guess iOS will evolve to 'personal' and 'guest/family' accounts.  Thats is.2) 100% touch interface.  attachable keyboards not withstanding, no other pointing metaphor will come to bear.  Mice, external drawing tablets, etc. will never be allowed3) Spotlight vs finder.  4)...
part of this is Microsoft being all things to all 'computers...'  this was less about 'mainstream' and more about developer snake oil.   Learn our OS, and you can program anything from embedded controllers on ballistic missiles to handheld phones, to mainframes to lightbulbs. Tablets were an obvious metaphor for work mobile computers, to be used while standing up (when there was no lap).   I spent 4 years looking at tablet computers for medical use (We crammed a desktops...
 These guys are like home run hitters.  they fail completely almost 70% of the time, squib a hit 20% of the time, and hit a home run every 10-11 attempts.  But we remember the home runs, and every time the come to the plate, they swing hard, in case they make contact.
Facebook doesn't care about average employees... it cares about above average profits, and if some consumers of facebook have a crappy experience and don't use facebook as much [turn pages, and therefore generate revenue through ads or marketing information], then facebook needs to address the problem with average employees feeling the pain ("dogfooding")
In a market where millions per month is the norm, I don't think the short term impact is that great. Long term, we have to recognize that apps will become relatively equal, except where platforms differentiate.   if iOS/iP* stays 2-3 years ahead in true integrative experience (not just 'having' something [like browser integration]... but having something that is fully immersive in the user experience [like fully safari integration securely integrated inside of your app]),...
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