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 In the new world, it's called A/B testing, and it's done in production and done with live, not test users.  Seeding your alpha group guinea pigs (e.g. corporate users), allows you to test internally and/or in parallel with your consumers ("Hey suzie, you have a Nexus running Lollipop... are you seeing this?")  in real world  situations, and gain real world results.
+1 -  User Experience is defined by the User, not the environment.
you would think watches (relatively low volume and huge margin compared to labor) could be assembled in the USA.
1 month late. Or more diabolically, just in time for the Holiday Shopping season. As for this...  I see 2 possible reasons... - Establish more 'wrist marketing' before Dec 26th.   Tis the season to covet.- New Watch HW coming soon (Spring Fashion Week.  Seriously.), time to clear inventory.
Or they read the tea leaves and figure that everyone who will buy an iPhone6[+] form factor has already... and growth will now flatten out, or be at the low end (5s replacing all the 4s' and 5s out there... because the size is the size people want)
TL:DR  The article is right for all properly coded apps.  Improperly coded apps -  not so much. Of course your primary sources are quoting 2 4 year old articles , because when it comes to apps, current developers aren't trying/doing-stupid-stuff to bypass controls.  The thing is iOS 9 now shows you the guilty culprits.  It's less empirical now, and proves the exceptions much more accurately. note:  from the article I quoted (written last week):  Update 10/15: In a...
 Except for Facebook App, which runs all the time in the background.  Kill that all the time. https://www.macstories.net/linked/the-background-data-and-battery-usage-of-facebooks-ios-app/
 to compete with a hinge?
Fixed your post. Comparing Microsoft to an OEM built windows box is weak sauce. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on software stability and build quality. I do still doubt their 'We will make it do everything... it's a laptop... it's a tablet... it's a phone... it's a Bass-0-Matic' marketing approach will work.   Having something do a 10 things 'okay' is at best confusing, and at worst, limiting if not, adding risk through complexity.
 net net:  intel chip sales in their premium margin market is down, and the trend long term is not good. End user computing is moving to ARM chips,  Server computing, while growing, is not growing faster profit wise at to offset the loss to android/iOS based end user computing... And I can't see IoT being a high margin product for Intel, at least compared to Skylake.
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