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++1Piling on. The 5c and mini can be seen as aggressive counters to the competition "getting under the [pricing] umbrella". Tactical (in the short term market share) but strategic in the opening of new markets and marketing methods.And the years of changing forms and factors of the iPod line is evidence that Apple will explore options to expand/hold market share.
1. It's already optional. My concern is that to make a stylus work 'well' it would have to be 'smart' and therefore a integral part of the ui that is tailored away from one input plane to a tool and inputs from that (simple use case: one end for creation, the other for erasure), and then you have two ui's. And if you have two ui's "you're doing it wrong " (see MS surface)2. I can see the need for scribbling notes and textifying during meetings(and grammar school...
your first point is wrong.  Every developer would have to recompile their apps into fat binaries, to a) avoid the emulation performance tax, and b) any app worth their snuff will likely run into 'issues' running in emulation mode [been there done that]. your second point power/performance/heat...  brings up the next point of recompilation.  a single threaded app on a quad core will perform slower on a octocore that is 1/2 the clock speed.   and an ARM chip clocked up will...
  Never say Never;-)  So... ever thought of AuthenTec /TouchID as a 'product'?  I see the next turn of the secure transaction, after Apple has sold it's 150Million watches, is to make it ubiquituous at every point of authentication (not just sale).every device in the world has a TouchID button HOWEVER, it is only sent via NFC/Bluetooth to a device very local to it. If the hash unlocks the secure enclave, magic ensues.(Phone never leaves the pocket).   Point of...
So, if anyone of us put out a research note,  you'd put a story out on it? At least 10 of use have stated the 2016-2018 timeframe for ASeries intersecting with the Intel performance curve.
Whip it. Whip it good.
1) welcome to reality2) welcome to political reality3) welcome to Capitalism. At least you can opt out of 2 and 3;-)
It's an App API, so don't buy any apps with it built in. and my guess, iOS will have a notifications rule to 'send notifications from this app to your Watch (or carPlay.... I see the same sort of thing for cars... Get a 'gas pricing app' and have it display (and in a perfect world, when my tank is < 25% full) "cheapest gas along your route/area in the next 100 miles is at XXX in 20 miles"
Don't blame Dynamite because some people make it into bombs, when it also is used to mine iron ore for your cars,toasters, bridges, re-bar, etc.    The watch is fine... but we need another classification for Apps (I freudianly typed 'ass' first) in the Appstore as 'Adware' and a rule in search/rules. There is a fine line between 'app aware' ads (I'm in the mall, and I spent the day searching for 'chocolate' and all of a sudden I get a 'BOGO Free at the Godiva Store 50 feet...
Agreed.   It has to do what your average Casio did.   the iPhone is still first and foremost a phone, yet the most popular computer as well.
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