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this is pretty close...  In general I agree, but I would argue it's more 'sweat equity' of making the @#$Q%!$ things work, you feel that you've 'earned' the right to say, 'it was a hard horse to break, but now that I've done it, it's the best horse ever!' There is also the concept that Apple hardware is expensive and time is free, especially if you're getting paid to supply time (paid to be the hero). The fact that the Surface was not going to be cloned was a critical...
and still their profits were down.... Amazing. Their Legal department must love attending strategy meetings, Either they are gluttons for punishment or just enjoy the blood lust of courtroom battle.
err   I think you got it backwards.... getting what you pay for, as a consumer, for _is_ net neutrality.   Paying for 100mbits/second, but if you choose apple content over netflix content, and are limited to 40mbps because netflix gets 'priority' within an ISP's routing mesh is not 'getting what you pay fore. True Net Neutrality would put ISPs and MSP's at the disadvantage of needing to provide better bandwidth management schemes in place, and likely going to capped...
CDNs are typically one way streets... all data all the time from the CDN into a region... I mean, Joe User doesn't send his photo stream to Apple via Akamai.  With Apple in the ISP, they can, and get more consistent performance uploading and downloading.  Apple can basically have every ISP that peers with them set up a 17.*.*.* route and bypass the mid levels peer exchanges and jump directly into Apple's Routing mesh. Currently, there likely parts of Apple's 17.* network...
One thing not mentioned is if net neutrality goes away, Apple is dealing directly with the ISPs for content delivery rate contracts
 yes. although I'm not sure Netflix's CDN is based on netflix hardware (it's AWS based).edit.   Netflix actually manages the network, and has the local caching boxes as well (an ISP can get a box placed in it's dist. hub if it feels it would rather not set up a dedicated peering link (or in addition to, to level usage demands).  Netflix's computational platform is AWS, I don't see where their content is on S2.  Youtube/google.  we know that drill
hardly. This is just cutting out a middle man or 3.  It's exploiting their own data centers and established peering agreements with MSPs and ISPs, as opposed to copying their content into a CDN and paying the CDNs to negotiate the deals. This just lowers Apple's Content Delivery costs a couple of percent... but in a 150Billion/year business, every billion counts;-). It's that backhaul network that's key.  There is a lot of stuff that isn't nicely done with CDNs (read:...
agreed.   Asian middle class are more about brand label [I can afford this] than knock offs that don't have the real branding marks.   They would rather have a 3 year old iPhone 4s than a iPhone 6 knockoff. That's part of the thing about getting the iPhone shell prototypes photos... this is less about the Western Rumor mills and more about knock offs making something that looks exactly like the real thing from 3 feet away, for that scammy/scummy under market.
Their Flat Screen Division made $USD220M in profits.   That's everything from 130in screens to watch screens.
Those analysts were seeing Samsung eating all the celery.  Apple is getting the steak.
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