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First you complain that it's too expensive to buy multiple iPads for everyone in your family, claiming povertythen you want to get a high end iPad Which  is it man?  3 16 and 32 GB iPad Mini's will likely cost the same as an iPad Pro with 128GB, and you can buy 3 over 3 years spreading the impact. Apple is taking 'personal' computing seriously.   If you want a small timesharing system, there are alternatives.
nope.Continuity...  Sees an iPhone close, sends a login request to the phone, press.... login. Later... you walk in with an Apple Watch on your hand... your iMac awakes at the click of a key. (Something I wish I had in 1996, when I was designing Physician workstations.... they hated passwords, and wanted 'context' immediately... The patient queued up, the nurse notes, everything.... 'logging in' sucked big time, when MD's didn't even want passwords....)
And plausible deniability"Wait, What... we didn't MEAN to pre-announce over the top of your announcement"
err. that's the essence of the broke clock metaphor.  But it is Right 2 times a day (and some 86,398 seconds of the day, it's wrong)
 AppleTV may not be a headline event, but 'the home' may be.  And AppleTV (and/or the Airport boxes) are the key to integrating the home.Homekit may be the key... moving into the 'Digital Hub' .... remember that 13 years ago... Yes, coupling your TV (big screen), your Mac/iphone/ipad via continuity/airplay/*Kit (complex applications), large inexpensive storage (Time Capsule, iCloud, seamless to your interface). Burning disks... well, that's so turn of the century;-)   It's...
the last point is still not a 'know' (I'll give you the middle two from leaked photos that don't appear retouched) just 'rumored from several sources,'And the name is just a rose by any other name. Sit back and relax everyone;-) Sometimes you just gotta let 28 hours pass with dispassion and quite peace.   What will be, will be.  There is no changing it now with our thoughts and opinions.
Note to AAPL: Travel to a new country - Find new tax haven in 2019 as they spring up to fill the gap Ireland is leaving.     "Business... Always Business"
easy and cheap doesn't mean best for all women.   stamps and envelopes and paper and pencils are cheap and easy, but we're not using them for this conversation are we... because our current desire is 'time sensitive,' and we spend $1000 of dollars (Device software, Internet, electricity, repairs etc.)  to gain that advantage.   Well women's pregnancies are time sensitive in a couple dimensions.   This allows them to address their career side, and their biological side....
On the first part, I tend to agree with you, if the spouse is covered under the health plan (the issue probably is it's not a health benefit, it's a career benefit, and the spouse isn't employed). On the 2nd, you're extrapolating a limited benefit   (harvesting eggs once) to an annual benefit.Your premise is false which makes your 'solution' look stupid.  if Apple pays one person 100K for a snowboarding accident and 3 months rehab in surgical and Short Term...
The typing pool and the executive dining room? 'separate but equal' in TS's reference is probably a bad turn of a weighted phrase. I want to say 'gender unique' policies.  (the fact female bathrooms don't have urinals isn't a reason to demand 'equal' porcelain, and no tampon dispensers in the men's bathroom isn't making me scream 'I'm not being treated the same!' )  But I'm probably still ignorant of the proper terms to cover Male/Female/Gay/Straight/Transgender/Queer...
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