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[removed... this subthread has been adequately abused....]
Apple thought that WinPhone and Nokia (or BlackBerry) were the evil empire they would have to take on in Phone Wars, but instead it turned out to be Android/Samsung. In the end, Samsung looks like it's 'failing' only because it's playing a different game than Apple.  [Carrier commodity phones vs an ecosystem].   One needs to watch out as when Samsung ever gets an ecosystem where they can retain slightly more consumers than Apple, their installed base could quickly make...
these are good points. However.... For all of the above... the iPad Mini Retina  (The ipad touch is a 'Mini Mini') is the key comparision here, not the iPhone.And the pricing after this year for the current retina and a high end Touch will be darned close.
Keeps the low end form factors in place. Shuffles and mini/nanos are a key part of the ecosystem.   just like airport Extremes and Apple TVs.   It expands the halo of the iOS ecosystem.    The iPod Touch is the question mark, but is a low cost adjunct to the iPhone 5s/6.  (same parts minus the cellular).   I would guess there would be a new Mini/shuffle (aligning with Watch componentry) coming soon, and the Touch being retired or refreshed 'one last time' [to the current...
It can be a hiccup on a vendor part, as they shift from a full inventory to 'just in time' supply chain ordering to right size the final 6 weeks of this SKU's inventory. As for big refresh, It could be a other things.  We could see usb-c as well (and dropping mag-safe).   I'm quite curious how much the pro line will align with the macbook line.    Maybe a 16"  (moving to a 12/14/16 mac line 8/10/12 iPad Line, and dropping the 11" MBA).
no yes yes and probably yes.
you're not from around here.  Apple doesn't sell it's competitive advantage. It is illogical to 'share the wealth'  The cost of the chips is miniscule compared to the profit  you can drive from being considered the 'best' laptop. (If I can sell 100,000 more $1200 laptops ($500 gross profit) because of the net benefits of the chip [$50M profits], vs selling 5 million chips at $5 (and a build at $2.50). [$12.5Million+ say 2.5 Million savings if you build a million laptops...
I agree with @gruber @daringfireball:  It seems to indicate an AppleTV in the center  of an architecture to denote broadcasting from the 'epicenter.'
"these go to eleven"
ipod touch.
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