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 It's chapter 11, not chapter 7... no one is liquidating anything yet. If this article and the next one (WSJ) are to be believed, Apple had performance clauses that basically said, we stop loaning you production money if you don't hit performance goals (what those were, whether they were to make glass for the 6 the 6+ or the Watch, we don't know). $139Million in loans payments withheld is a huge amount (1/4 of the deal), especially if you only have $85M in reserve.  If...
Let alone that teens aren't the target market.   I'm sure that iPhone 6+ is not getting a high Q score among 2nd graders.  Are we reading about that? Give them about 10 years to mature and think about fashion and their mortality.   And a high paying job.
  and who says the investment community is at or above average intelligence?
 Behind that smiling antebellum Auburn facade is a stone cold killer. If that story is true, Tim Cook is one B****d of a negotiator.  - We loan you ~$500M  for 2 years- Then you give us back the money in the form of discounts over 5 years on product you sell us out of our factory we built for you.- All product from said factory is the property of Apple, even if we choose not to buy it (you can't sell it to anyone else)- Oh, if you don't hit promised delivery requirements,...
I agree with your points, but I don't agree with your first point and your summary. My TL;DR:  Phones work because they are part of a synergistic system.SmartPhones work  because they are part of a synergistic ecosystem.  Once you get the 'phone part' working, it's all about the integrated experience.  Support, HW capabilities, HW/SW integration, InterSW integration, and cohesive UI, and most importantly, the the physical UX. Strange as it is, most people buy 'experience'...
So...Your profit margins are shrinking. What do you do?  Make a better phone?  no.  Make an Entry level phone for 'burgeoning' markets.  Sell more phones, cheaply, and hope volume will increase profits.Yeah, that works, until everyone else lowers the prices on their phones as well. Has anyone explained to Samsung that there are no winners in the race to the bottom?
I want it to be 'durable' enough to just barely blend.... >>>>>>Will it Blend?<<<<<(I have to say, that samsung battery almost didn't blend....) Still funny after all these years.
 I dunno, HP calculators were pretty personal;-)  and if you knew RPN, you were a young turk nerd in the 70s (slide rules and fortran were old school nerddom).they were not big wigs in the Mainframe market.  They weren't IBM nor were they BUNCH (Burroughs [Sperry]Univac(Unisys) NCR  CDC Honeywell). The made a decent minicomputer (HP3000), but it was by no means a 'mainframe'.   Their current Disk Storage was more DEC StorageWorks than anything, and VMS still lives on.   HP...
  your dremel cutting discs could scratch it.  That's something other than Diamonds (silicon carbide), which makes it _resistant_ to scratches from things other than diamonds, not impervious.   Scientists and Engineers _Never_ speak in absolutes. (yes, that's an oxymoronic sentence, as I am an engineer;-). The 'hardened material' has been explained already.
Authenticate to the Device... Again, why not proximity of an iPhone?  Instead of a Co-Processor, put an iBeacon in the macbookpro/air/mini/imac.  You walk up to the computer and your phone buzzes, 'ya wanna login to that sweet beastie doncha now?"  TouchID (something you have, something you are) and you're screen saver pops open. you guys all think like the computer is the center of the world.  Apple puts YOU at the center of the world.
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