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a bit more complicated, but it's more of increasing the moment of inertia.  if you're spinning, you can speed up/slow down the spin by extending mass  My issue is knowing where the ground is.  you can't stop a rotation , you can just slow it down or speed it up so you can 'stick' the landing. the next patent will be for ultrasonic spatial detection (terrain following sonar). 
make the mechanism mass a battery.  Trade static for dynamic.  make the phone a couple mills thicker (I'm scared to buy a iPhone 6 because I think it's too skinny) to allow for empty spaces be filled with mass The other part of this is could be to give tactile feedback as you play games (as you pitch a car into a curve, you feel the weight shift in your hand like the steering wheel being pulled to one side).
and a eSATA connector.
Rare? more like Routine.   It happens this week every year.  (last year it was Wednesday night before Tday).
sigh.   Every $14 share price rise will be an 'amazing... Apple is almost at X+100 Billion' story   Market cap is a beauty contest.  Some days, I think apple should go private just to take the investment noise out of their business plans.
... in a slightly different way as well. The market research that Samsung does for Apple.   There would be no iPhone 6+ (or even iPhone 5), or iPad mini if there hadn't been Samsung and others putting out 100's of marketing tester kits in the phone, laptop and an tablet areas.  The occasional local maxima give Apple guidance on the movement of the market.   Apple can lower the risk by just monitoring all the different flavors and models and features.  I really don't think...
 last point: the 5c was that phone.  It's a killer seller in China.   So. Asked and Answered. first point: I'm guessing it would be 'cheaper' to push the 6 internals into a 6c, than the 5s internals into a 'larger' 5c.  Too much engineering for the long term ROI. The decision Apple has to make is do they make a 'new non Apple Pay' phone, and for how long?Apple Pay (TouchID and NFC) and the follow-on security/privacy are the key separation features.  I don't see Apple...
Me thinks the 6+ is definitely CPU/GPU restrained, and the a8 (and the 64 bit a7 before that) is the secret sauce.  Also remember that it's not specs, but integration into the target OS as well.   Touch Response (no 'Laggies' ) is critical.  I think it's less about the screens, and more about moving the larger number of pixels around as fast as your fingers can move.
two words - Bell Curve:  you are market research of 2, out of some 80 Million phones.   I would posit when you include all users, you include dunk tanks (urinals), dropped down the elevator shaft (I did that once with keys), let alone batteries, chipped screens, children stuffing peanut butter in the headphone jack, broken 30pin connectors, etc, etc etc.  And the batteries (for subscriber buyers [the vast majority of original 3GS and 4 owners]) is a trigger point to buy a...
Focus is about saying no.   They just went 'expanded' their phone line at double their past rate for 2 product cycles. (5c and 5s, 6 and 6+).   To me that's amazing.  (and they inkled they are cutting back on the iPad line).   And they just spun up a new wearable line.   We don't want to go back to 100 different apple products competing against each other. 
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