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 I dunno, HP calculators were pretty personal;-)  and if you knew RPN, you were a young turk nerd in the 70s (slide rules and fortran were old school nerddom).they were not big wigs in the Mainframe market.  They weren't IBM nor were they BUNCH (Burroughs [Sperry]Univac(Unisys) NCR  CDC Honeywell). The made a decent minicomputer (HP3000), but it was by no means a 'mainframe'.   Their current Disk Storage was more DEC StorageWorks than anything, and VMS still lives on.   HP...
  your dremel cutting discs could scratch it.  That's something other than Diamonds (silicon carbide), which makes it _resistant_ to scratches from things other than diamonds, not impervious.   Scientists and Engineers _Never_ speak in absolutes. (yes, that's an oxymoronic sentence, as I am an engineer;-). The 'hardened material' has been explained already.
Authenticate to the Device... Again, why not proximity of an iPhone?  Instead of a Co-Processor, put an iBeacon in the macbookpro/air/mini/imac.  You walk up to the computer and your phone buzzes, 'ya wanna login to that sweet beastie doncha now?"  TouchID (something you have, something you are) and you're screen saver pops open. you guys all think like the computer is the center of the world.  Apple puts YOU at the center of the world.
Better perform better than a MBA!!!!
The issue with TouchID is the Secure Enclave.     For any 'desktop' it doesn't make sense (the useful spot is on the kb or the trackpad... but from a security delegation setup that would be a pain.  The simple solution for ApplePay on the desktop is a link from your computer to your phone/ipad.  Continuity. Yosemite/Safari hits the website's 'pay page' that asks for credit card. smart objects sees this and pops up the 'CC fill in' information but into the pop-up, shows a...
 Makes for a nice long weekend for those who put in 96 hour work day to get the presentation ready.   And with 1-3 weeks pre-announce for stuff like this, seems reasonable.  Heck they could say, "Available... Today online, tomorrow in the store"But my guess would be a 1-2 week announce (so they can hand out demos to the reviewers for release day fireworks).  Friday is about the only day you don't want  announce anything.
In a perverted way this makes sense.  The largest market capped companies, typically are products that are either a monopoly (ATT, MS/Intel, IBM, NTT, utilities), conglomerates, or consumer/industry essentials (oil, big box generic retail [walmart]),  addictions {Coke, Pharma], and less so, 'have all your money' Banks/Financials (CitiGroup, JPMorgan).   Each of those basically have very little short term risk.   Apple is neither a monopoly , or a consumer essential,...
only if she likes it that why
something like this: http://www.news4jax.com/news/school-bus-involved-in-crash-with-big-rig/28318538
is a pervious thread a perverted thread in the past? jk I think 4 things will happen 1) The techno elite that are iPhone users (2% of current iPhone users: 7M) will buy a sport watch2) The rich and bling conscious (1% of current iPhone users 3.5M) will buy an Edition Watch. that's 10M watches right there. If it's a winning combination then 3) The rich and bling conscious that don't own an iPhone will buy both:  Another 2M worldwide plus a 'Apple Watch Halo effect' (heck...
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