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I just don't see that.  Better for Apple to steer the corporate purchase to someone who is in the industry and is skilled at managing this technology, and limits the long term risk exposure of maintaining state of the art in sapphire production. I do agree $139 Million is much closer to Apple's typical acquisition size than 2B (or 3B - e.g. Beats). And I see it's a better immediate solution than LiquidMetal has been.
Apple may have been surprised by the bankruptcy filing, yet fully aware of the the technical/contractual issues pertaining to GTAT meeting Apple's requirements.  GTAT has other clients, revenues sources, and probably didn't grant Apple visibility into their day to day financials.   And the statement is a cover for 'We're not bad, we're just good at business dealings' Corporate message. 
A very useful app for me is 'Clinometer'  it requires being flat on a table, or on edge. (I use it for landscaping, leveling furniture, laying floors and framing rooms).  Think Bubble level and surveyors transit in one. It appears I need a 'squared edge' cover to continue to use it 'hands free'.  Either that or get a mounting frame with 3 degrees of square.
err.  if your iPhone and watch can do NFC, why does your iPad need to do NFC?  and aren't the  parts of a phone and a watch 'separate'? The magic of Apple Pay and POS interaction is 'signing it' with a biometric.   your phone is in your pocket, your iPad is in your bag.  your watch is on your arm and monitoring your HR (another biometric).  The goal is NOT to pull something out of your bag to pay for something (from the end user perspective.  just wave your phone and touch...
 Apple isn't selling to you. For the job you need, XP is great for you.  And google's model works for you.  Great.   You've proven that Apple isn't forcing/monopolizing the computing market.
So, given your usability IQ, I assume this is a GREAT phone. Here is a simple truth.  most people want smaller lighter computers.  Most as in everyone who doesn't game or compile or crunch quantometric analytics.   volume usually means weight. weight equals cost.  less weight, lower overall cost of ownership (shipping, lugging, medical, damage [mass*9.8M/sec^2)= damage]. Thicker doesn't mean sturdier... it's means bulkier.  Thicker means it's easier to design structure to...
 It's chapter 11, not chapter 7... no one is liquidating anything yet. If this article and the next one (WSJ) are to be believed, Apple had performance clauses that basically said, we stop loaning you production money if you don't hit performance goals (what those were, whether they were to make glass for the 6 the 6+ or the Watch, we don't know). $139Million in loans payments withheld is a huge amount (1/4 of the deal), especially if you only have $85M in reserve.  If...
Let alone that teens aren't the target market.   I'm sure that iPhone 6+ is not getting a high Q score among 2nd graders.  Are we reading about that? Give them about 10 years to mature and think about fashion and their mortality.   And a high paying job.
  and who says the investment community is at or above average intelligence?
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