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I tend to agree, although I think Apple may think putting their watch on will reduce the need for a 3rd phone form factor. I like a 12" iPad 10" iPad>>>8" iPad (and this is where I think the size cut will come)<<<5.5"  phone  (obviously, about 20 - 33% of the market wants this form factor)4.7" phone (probably 40% of the market)4" phone  (10-20% of the market42mm watch  (1.7"   about the size of an feature phone screen)38mm watch  That's a lot of view formats. 
Std pattern.   The first 6 months is a 'trickle' down of paired purchases [mommy gets a new phone gives old phone to Timmy, and buys 'the same' phone for Tina].   and personally, I think high out of warranty failures.   2.5 years is about the time an iPhone wears out... if you're staying in a form factor, that's when you're gonna buy a plug replacement.  the 5c and the 4s are the last of those form factors, and for the 4s, those are on that replacement track at the...
oh, how soon they forget: iPad 3. Given the price [high] and the demand [low(er)], I would think the 6+ will be discontinued (maybe a firesale to drop stocks), if the 's+' is body for body the same as the '+'   Added another price point (or overlap) is more the issue.   Apple wants the cost part of the equation to be self evident.
you forgot TOSLink.I bet you said the same thing about your 2 ethernets, 2 USB 1.1, audio-out / Mic in, serial, modem and  Parallel ports on your PC  To me, The modern TV is a dumb monitor.   Give me the highest fidelity input (HDMI 1.4) maybe a 2nd, and a cable jack.  Making the TV the center of your viewing universe is the the wrong model, at least for any reasonable home theater setup.
this and the pegatron comments make me think there are 2 major types of 'suppliers' 1) someone who has to develop new science/process to meet Apple's exacting needs2) someone who is just assembling stuff for Apple. Those in category 1 (Samsung, TSMC, GTAT, Corning, Authentec, probably others) have are truly partners.  They need to trust each other, and understand that there are few that can do what they do and bargain not from strength, but from mutual risk reduction....
this is the crux.   if they were saying that at 250lbs (50% production) they could meet quality, they couldn't meet volume with the current plant size.  However,  part of this may be the diameter of the boule was critical to hit iPad/iPhone 6+ numbers (let's say 4-6 iPads per slice), and a 250 boule meant not 4-6, but 1-2 full screens (due to boules are normally grown in diameter, not length) so 50% is really 25-33%. Which means the cost of production under GTAT's terms...
you realize that your 0.00001oz  i7 chip in your iMac came from likely a couple sq CMs of a couple micrometers sliver of a 75KG Silicon boule, don't you? If not, go back and learn about the process. your logic is quite stale.
Same executive orders that Reagan, Bush the first (accelerated citizenship for those who enlist), and Bush the 2nd issued (the whole issue with Central American Youth's coming to America is because Bush signed an exec order saying to give them a fair amnesty hearing) Don't try to make this political when it's a racial thing.
The idea is you can encrypt to protect "America's Interests", but the Gov't must always have access to the key that they can use before they tell you they are suspecting you.  Warrantless Search.  So your 'PreCrime' statement isn't far from the truth. that's the issue with iMessage et al.   The keys are created and stored by the two phones in use.  The Gov't can't go to the single key escrow point (the server) and say, please give us all the messages.   They want Apple to...
It used to be that the Communists would get our encryption and blow up the world.  Ask Phil Zimmerman about his life in the early nineties.  Use of PGP was considered probable cause. We are killing all sorts of people with our encryption now (you think the commands to drones are sent out using ROT13?). This is 'we can imagine it, because we are doing it' rationalization.
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