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Over the course of 100M iPhone 6s and 10 Million AppleWatches... that works out to less than a penny per device. Apple spends more on the wording of the fine print on the packaging in 75 languages. Has anyone accounted the cost to apple for buying 26Million (Almost triple Diamond certification) copies of U2's album for us? (I figure that if they between 75 and 100 Million USD, if you factor in paying for the download bandwidth and all the accounting costs, the label and...
When someone asks me for a motorcycle that seats 4, I say, buy a car.  they were built for that job. But but but... they say, we want to enjoy the wind in our hair, the wonderful interface, we want to go different places, and the ability to have 4 different experiences each tailored to the individual.   I say... buy 4 motorcycles. Then they say... but why have 4 engines?  4 service agreements?  4 sets of tires to maintain? 4 smaller saddle bags, vs 1 large one.  What I...
I'd love user profiles.But I also love the chain of delegation that a single device has from me (human) to device, to OS, to apps and to app data. To keep that you would need to build virtual machines for each profile (and change the secure enclave model to support multiple profiles... in Hardware!)  And Virtual Machines means Real Something, and this case that something is RAMdisk, and that costs money, and heat, and battery. Or totally change how iOS security works....
IT may be there, but sandboxing becomes much much more complicated if you have 3 users of pages and 5 users of numbers on your iPad.Let's not kid ourselves.   The simple use case.   2 users one iPad.  iOS 8.2 comes out, User A has an app that doesn't support 8.2, User B has an app that REQUIREs 8.2.30 seconds:  Solve for both users.Tick Tick Tick.... This is the crux of 'personal computing'   vs 'shared resource' computing.
while that may be true, how iOS implements Apps is more like ~/Applications and ~/Library and ~/ApplicationSupport all rolled into one folder. vs /Applications /Library /Application Support AND ~/[*] equivs] Changing to a multi-user model breaks the sandboxing [the app is encrypted to the owner and the data encrypted to the app within the owner space] (or requires you to install X the number versions of your apps). While possible, not trivial without breaking the one thing...
GT advanced is HW supply chain iOS 8.01 is SW iCloud Drive is a timing issue (welcome to integrated software) to cloud services and now, it's a MarCom publishing 'pre-push' Obviously Tim Cook is the only person in charge of all of these.... He's gotta go. ;-) ;-) ;-) Really.   Really?
First you complain that it's too expensive to buy multiple iPads for everyone in your family, claiming povertythen you want to get a high end iPad Which  is it man?  3 16 and 32 GB iPad Mini's will likely cost the same as an iPad Pro with 128GB, and you can buy 3 over 3 years spreading the impact. Apple is taking 'personal' computing seriously.   If you want a small timesharing system, there are alternatives.
nope.Continuity...  Sees an iPhone close, sends a login request to the phone, press.... login. Later... you walk in with an Apple Watch on your hand... your iMac awakes at the click of a key. (Something I wish I had in 1996, when I was designing Physician workstations.... they hated passwords, and wanted 'context' immediately... The patient queued up, the nurse notes, everything.... 'logging in' sucked big time, when MD's didn't even want passwords....)
And plausible deniability"Wait, What... we didn't MEAN to pre-announce over the top of your announcement"
err. that's the essence of the broke clock metaphor.  But it is Right 2 times a day (and some 86,398 seconds of the day, it's wrong)
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