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If it were just a chip in a unit, then yes, it's an upgrade.  But adding TouchID is a big deal, and the A8x may drive huger comparisons that Apple will like to control the message.  And there is a bunch of other stuff.  5 minutes:  Opening.   Apple is doing great... Oh, did we tell you we just released a phone? 10 minutes iOS 8 impacts on the iPad line a couple apps here, a couple testimonials there 10 Minutes on the new Mini and Air. ( doubt they split the...
your last points basically undermined any logic you had in the first part. Samsung is already rumored on a future chip... it was discussed as the A9, but the 8x could be it.  However, given the enormity of the iPhone 6 Every release is larger and larger, dual sources of the same/similar die is critical for risk reduction. This is a serious "hard to predict" release.  with the increased screen size, and getting back 'switchers' from Android who bought only due to screen...
you want to keep your suppliers hungry. Think of this benching your star, but lazy, player.   "you'll get minutes when TSMC is tired" If Samsung can cut another 1-5% off their unit price (or increase yield, or have better quality numbers), then they get 60% on the A9... Then TSMC decides if they can undercut that by 5-10% on the A10. You guys play this as a revenge play.  It's not.It's:"Business. Always Business."  (The Greek (who's not Greek): The Wire)
I'm not in the know... but some simple sleuthing points out that  3dMark V1.2 was last compiled for iOS 7.0, and the current version 1.3 was compiled for 7.1.    My guess is there is no 'metal/scene/sprite' optimizations in the executable (calling the old frameworks).  
err, when it comes to delivering chips... they can be trusted.  TSMC whiffed on building Aseries chips a couple of times now.Sometimes you have to take the losses with the wins.   the iPhone 5s couldn't have been made without Samsung. As for the USA... you're barking up the wrong tree.  Corporations feed lobbyists, lobbyists feed congress and the WH, Congress and the WH set the trade agreements to make sure our corporations make a sh*tload of money, by paying the absolute...
and for worse news... I did download it, verified the download, then it said I was 400mb short (4.2GB free, needed 4.6GB),   I cleared up that space, and when I went to restart, it's saying 'update requested'   I apologize in advance for downloading it twice.    Off to mow the lawn... with my iPod shuffle ;-( edit... the 2nd download is going through iTunes... first via iPhone was 47 minutes.   This one started at 6... is at 4 minutes left now... I'm moving about 6MB/s...
my over/under is noon PT... and I'm betting the over (given the latest news there are issues with health kit)
agreed.   if they get the retailers online during the next couple months, the holiday season will be great measures of the savings per transaction.  Better to focus on the critical few, get them right, and then use that as a springboard to convince/coerce other retailers and geographies to get onboard.
piling on... when you put your watch on, it monitors your heart rate and skin contact constantly... if there is no interruption since you last paired to your TouchID enabled phone, your biometrics is 'your fingerprint' to allow a 'touch less' transaction.  
.... and I would argue that it's better to start new anyway.   most of your cruft is cruft.  I'd just forward calendar invites to my @me.com address, mail contact information for the critical few (mom, boss, wife), and then build a new life on my iOS phone. And if I were a mac user, I'd get a gmail to apple sync app, do it once for cal's, email, contact, and not try to do it phone to phone, erase the gmail account, and walk away.
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