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for the first time, my corporate procurement is purchasing iPhones as their std in house phone.   I'm now the proud carrier of a personal iPhone6, and a corporate 5s, both bought this quarter  #DeepBigFullPocketsofiPhone
My guess it was lost in currency conversion;-) 
the key is that the can throttle the SoC down and gain the Battery Life, and incrementally improve performance as well.    Apps will get more powerful when the growth of RAM will permeate 50% of the installed base.   getting to 1/2GB of ram in all the iPhones and iPads is a start.. now we have to wait 2 years.
Adding a channel to your landing page... only you have to click it to activate it.  Are you drawn to clicking it? Does your face melt because of the egregious pixels displayed? Methinks your emphasis is a bit over the top. This is 'content.'  Not software.   Get over it.  And if you hid YouTube before, it would stay hidden.  So it's not like they are undoing your decision to not watch it.
and the 33.3Billion is because investors like is monetization model, since they are paying  4X more than apple (P/E is 72 vs 18 for apple).   What is key to Zuck's argument is that Hardware will eventually commoditize ('make them cheaper' is his way of saying he'd love everyone to one an iPhone/iPad, and that Apple's profits are a barrier to entry for that platform, and he'd have more people using a better Facebook).  And he's assuming that Facebook can continue to...
a bit more complicated, but it's more of increasing the moment of inertia.  if you're spinning, you can speed up/slow down the spin by extending mass  My issue is knowing where the ground is.  you can't stop a rotation , you can just slow it down or speed it up so you can 'stick' the landing. the next patent will be for ultrasonic spatial detection (terrain following sonar). 
make the mechanism mass a battery.  Trade static for dynamic.  make the phone a couple mills thicker (I'm scared to buy a iPhone 6 because I think it's too skinny) to allow for empty spaces be filled with mass The other part of this is could be to give tactile feedback as you play games (as you pitch a car into a curve, you feel the weight shift in your hand like the steering wheel being pulled to one side).
and a eSATA connector.
Rare? more like Routine.   It happens this week every year.  (last year it was Wednesday night before Tday).
sigh.   Every $14 share price rise will be an 'amazing... Apple is almost at X+100 Billion' story   Market cap is a beauty contest.  Some days, I think apple should go private just to take the investment noise out of their business plans.
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