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I'm not.   I think the iPod is someone's love child, but it's short for this world.  I see this update (and I'm surprised with the A8, but that may tell more about long term retirement of A7... e.g. eliminating the 5s sooner) as a application level setter for gamers.  Other than in-App purchases, touchID is a minor hitch. The bigger question is whether Watch integrates seamlessly. 
Phil Schiller is crying because he couldn't meet your (and your likely cadre of <10,000 on your side of the line in the sand) requirements.
On the one hand, i agree but for slightly different reasons1) they have to maintain at least another year of the 5/5s form factor, to keep 4 year corporate/wholesale contracts valid.2) The 5c mfg process should be able to form fit everything a 6 has.... definitely a 5s 64bit is a big deal, and I would lean they run that route.
And with the watch, the smaller form factor need is even smaller for those who need to be 'cutting edge' as the flag ship... doubtful, but my guess is they will likely release a new 4" 6c or 7c (color, cheap) with  'last years' chipset.
The 5c is thicker than the 6, and without the screen demands, the battery demands are smaller. I'll bet you dollars for donuts that the 'tech' (chipset) in the current 5c is not smaller than in the 6.
 and I think the iphone 7 family will be that 3 size shipment, with a iphone 6 feature set shoved into a 4" 5c (7c) plastic body, a 6s, and a 7 and 7plus. 
And I'm not sure they will 'tank' tank. I  could see 2 scenarios 1) the 5s goes to $49 and the 5c remains, and they release a new 6s and 6sPlus, and keep the 6 at the $99 price point, and drop the 6plus from the lineup completely      (2  4" solutions and 3 larger products seems the  max product line to avoid price confusion)2) the 5s remains at $99 and the 6 and 6plus just disappear, with the 6s /6sPlus coming in at the same price.      (maintain 2 4" and 2 non-4"...
The 'new corporate data center' is the cloud.   Corps with AD as their internal rights management backbone will move to Azure Cloud Services, then office365, and then whole hog to the MS cloud delivered internal (business) and externally (customer) facing apps.  Then it's a commoditization margin squeezing death spiral, except for those point value adds like 0365/AD... until the next change in the computing environment comes along. I give Microsoft 20 years.   A lifetime...
let's see... 10,000 units a day 3.6MILLION watches a year 20K a day: nearly 7.5Million watches a day After a pent up pre-buy period. In the middle of predominantly slow sales months Assuming no ramp in the Holiday Quarter. I think Apple would be happy with 5 Million watches a year at probably $400 avg profit (2Billion in profit) for a 1.0 release. For comparision... FitBit purportedly sold around 5.6 Million last year (which some would say was upwards to 70% of the...
when it comes to things like phones, radios, and other things that have to just work without f*cking up other peoples' devices ability to work, yeah, I sort of agree with the stance of the overlords. And there is no reason why you can't keep a copy of your SW image, and reinstall it.  It may be damn near impossible, but you could do it.  If you're running 8.3 (like my wife is), it's working just fine today.  No bricking the phone, no jackbooted thugs on our doorstep with a...
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