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Actually, I think Microsoft is making as much money [upfront] on Android as is Google;-) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/07/how_much_is_that_microsoft_android_tax_again/
'could' isn't 'would' and I don't think Apple wants to get into that business (dumb pipes). As long as Apple can solve the 'phone number' problem (DNS for phones:  When I get off the plane in Tokyo, can I just get a NipponTel signal, pay via my AppleID, and my contact list can still call me), I just want to be able to change my carrier whenever it's financially prudent.
 2 things...1) Success isn't in units shipped, it's in profits retained.2) I'm having hard time believing the analysts seeing apple doubling revenue, and at the same time dropping to 3rd place in quarterly shipments, when they classify China Smartphones as a 'stagnant' market.  
 The key issue is that IBM is a) a major iOS developer nowb) a major technology consultancy company, requiring durable road warrior workstation quality devices, with technical support worldwide, and stable technical specs (this is a big deal in corp world... buying 30,000 Dells with 20,000 different Hard drive/driver versions is not a good thing when you have any sort of in-house first level tech support).c) need to be in the *nix/iOS/Windows world. This basically tells me...
Double Negative. I agree the devil will be in the content agreements, but I'm thinking and hoping that unified authentication, payment, and search will be part of the new API, and you're not on the new AppleTV without it.
 iPhone 4s is my main phone.  both front and back are shattered.  2... more... months...
 There is competes, and impacts bottom line.If the average joe will not spend more than $99, and Apple can't make a $99 tablet, it's not a sale lost to Apple, so it's not competition. And looking at it another way... If Joe buys a $99 tablet as their learners permit, when they grow up and decide to buy a real $300 tablet, they'll consider a low end Apple Product, because they've learned how to use a tablet (and not depend on a keyboard). The risk is if someone who has a...
Apple's DNA is 'personal' computers.   My guess is they are driving back to their roots, and it's not a high or medium priority for them. This is one of those things you got to say 'no' to, so the 'yes' things are truly great.
 This is the case...Most people need 'computing on the run'  and/or  'computing on the run in lieu of my big honkin laptop that I'm required to use in most situations'   I'm still making due with 3.5 (personal) and 4" (work phone) screens, and a laptop (just the tethering capabilities of the iPhone make this extremely useful).   a 6+ would be pretty close, but given that I have a laptop requirement (I live in a Visio world), I'll likely go to a 6s and be happy as I bury my...
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