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"seriously""Capable People" Do you have definitions and stats (I hear: 'seriously' (read: crashes the app or worse, the phone), that capable (ability to download apps) people download),  or is this just an observation between you and your friends/tech-capability-glutton top 1%, and the other 99% of the people notice nothing?
 Science Fiction? The 60's are calling and they want you to return as soon as possible.
VAX was never anything more than a corporal vessel of the living breathing VMS. Software can live for ever. Wasn't there a story yesteday that Apple System7 was booted up on an iWatch? Your analogy is like Motorola Microprocessors is dead... 680x0 is dead...  But... open up your Mac or your iPhone, and you'll find NeXTSTEP running the darn thing (NS Foundation Classes Framework) But you're right... just like Telnet, FTP, COBOL, and Base64 encoding... some things will never...
One word:  Hopeless.Another Word: Continuity.   Just like I can make a 'call' from my macbook (by messaging my phone, and it makes the call), I strongly doubt that Apple will sell a Mac with a touchID sensor.  
 exactly. you got to figure only 30% of apple-aligned people will be 'first movers' into the watch market.  Much like iPhone and iPad.  The Watch is a 'body' computer, like the phone is a 'pocket computer.'   Most of us see no compelling need to buy it.  ...   ...   Today. but if 2-4 Million people bought a watch in the last 4 months and say that works down to 500K a month, working from a conservative 500M 'apple users'   that's 7 Million first year.  the 2016 Watch 2......
I think the point is, and it may be a bit extreme, is that critical passwords should not be stored anywhere outside of your brain.My facebook, discus, my jimmyjohns order app passwords, or whatno are okay stored encrypted online...  bank, social security administation, taxes, medical records...  no.
Apple rarely tells their side of the story... they either fix it and release code with cryptic release notes, or, in the rare occasion, release research that says it's not really a problem (antenna gate). But they almost never say "this is a problem" before they have a patch.
and the laws of economics. "A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all" - Rule 18 of the Rules of Acquisition.
the smart people are arguing the limiting factor is CPU.  The Air2 has that 3rd CPU, thus giving it a lot more head room for processing.If that is the case, my guess is we'll have to wait until there is a 4-6-8 processor Ax chip before we see more concurency.    But your point about screen real estate is also needed.  That's probably part of the reason the iPhone 6's aren't going to allow concurrent displayed apps (again processors is part of this, especially with phones...
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