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And... Woz had to deal with Jobs when Jobs was 'Version 0.9.' (I see Steve didn't hit 1.0 until his NeXT years, and Steve 2.0 wasn't released until at least 2000).   So, any time there is a need to 'color in'  the personality, Woz didn't have the insight of day to day SJ after 1987.   I'd hate to have the past 15 years of my life aligned with the views of someone who hadn't worked closely with me in 25 years, and is being paid to help with developing a 'dramatic tension'...
moore's law squared? double chip performance (same performance, 1/2 the power draw) every 18 months (that should be doable)now  increase battery performance by 50% in the same time frame (moore law doesn't apply to battery chemistry ;-)... it would basically be tripled The other thing that Apple has is they can optimize the code (they control the compiler) So, it's not magic... just pushing the sciences to the edge of the envelope, and then backing off... just a little.
I am one of the 40%   and due to work, I'm out of town tonight through Sunday for work and won't get my spanking new pink phone until Sunday night;-(.  In fact, I'm likely passing my iphone on the road as drives down to the local distribution center this afternoon. 
 This is the history of good releases... 'hu-hum' is never reported.  '[insert molehill]-GATE' is what people rally around [good/bad].' My Personal Opinion:  my 5c and 4s are different, but better.  not significant [most cool stuff is 6 and higher], but I'm impressed.  I'm finding Siri better, notifications better, and spotlight [I still want to call it sherlock] better.  Tonight, my iPad 2 is migrating.   I'm waiting for my wife's 6 until I get my 6s, so she can see the...
for the most part I agree, although two words ('ad blocking') may be critical to the early ipad experience.  Removing 30-90% of the ad cruft will hopefully breathe new life into my iPad2, as it pretty much just does NetFlix, Safari, and TweetBot.
and then under Services, this is where the silos basically start.  A Tech Stack for ITMS, a Stack for iCloud, a stack for the store, a tech stack for iMessage, a stack for apple Pay, a stack for etc.   If I'm reading this correctly, they are moving to one Tech Stack, and one API model, to simplify interoperability and cross scalability.   Just look at the Apple Store.  There is no reason (well, no good reason), that a site be down for hours before adding what really is......
From the media "Apple-is-Doomed-DOOMED!" dept. ComputerWorld:Apple gives itself an extra 6 days to sell 10M iPhones, hinting at slower pre-orders http://www.computerworld.com/article/2983877/smartphones/apple-gives-itself-an-extra-6-days-to-sell-10m-iphones-hinting-at-slower-pre-orders.html 
Interesting...I just looked 1:10amPDT, and 64 RG6S+ was there, but the 128RG6s+was 'shipping 2-3 weeks'
I pondered that.  my apple store is an hour away from home, and a bit  out of my way from work.  So I went shippage, and hoping it actually ships early;-) [Fed Ex...  impress me!]
 I started on ATT (web) and Apple (iphone - Apple store app) sites at 11:58.  Site came available at around 12:05  Got my rose gold 64 6s at 11 after (i needed to reconfirm, and I didn't have my credit card handy).
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