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In Russia, Systems Backdoor YOU! remember there is metadata that you can track when the storage is in country (IP addresses creating files, etc).  So even if not 'wide open' access logs may be enough to prove you guilty enough to put you in the Gulags, without the content of any message.
Photo Stream.  
The other take on this is that this is 10% that would have switched (or had switched and came back) to phabletdroid phones.10% of 150Mill is 15Mill which is what... 40% Gross profit on a $700 sale... 4.2BILLION dollars in profit in less than a year. It's a 10% I'd fight for. I'm was at first amazed the 4s is still in 9% range... then I remembered.  My work has 400 deployed as glorified pagers.  This is why Apple had to keep the 4s supported under iOS for this long. 
 don't forget- digital surveillance   Soon- Identity based transactions   (e.g. Wallets)
 ....an online 'market maker' who pours all profits (and human sweat/effort) back into developing new markets.  You realize that Amazon is just about ready to take on Plumbers, electricians, carpet layers etc for home installation projects.... They are positioning themselves to recreate Sears of the 50's where you will go online, order a house from a set of plans, all the appliances and finishings, and it will be delivered and installed.   You do realize that don't you?...
this is so people will forget his mistakes, which were so last month.  If he were to predict anything today, if wrong, it'll still be in the memory banks of the pundits.   And... he's a security analyst... I'm reading a 12 month 3 day prediction is that he's buying contracts now, if they are true, and he'll let them expire and then be shorting stock in the summer if it turns out false.
With the 'conventional wisdom' saying there is an October Event, I have a feeling the sense at the end of this event will leave us feeling "One Less Thing..." For me, my iPhone 4s is missing parts of the front and the back  Since January (and I'm amazed that it still works, given that I'm hyperhidrotic (look it up, people ;-) ), I, for one, am looking forward one thing: PreOrder Date.
$99.  The key is having Siri suggest something that requires you to pay $2.99 per episode.  "Siri, Is there anything good on?""Well, Dave, There's my favorite...  '2001 a Space Odyssey'""Thanks, Siri,  Can you turn up the Volume a little""Sorry Dave. I can't do that.""What's the problem?""I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.""What are you talking about, Siri?"Your Hearing is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it."Siri, I don't know what...
3. Or the ecosystem is supplanted by something we can't imagine, say one that isn't rooted in HW revenues.[I said we can't imagine it... much like people couldn't imagine a world where Microsoft didn't control the user experience]. By your (and I agree) definition, the path to Apple's dominance was buying Soundjam in 1999.  Who da thunk it?
and I think it will be plus.  pro is what we/analysts are tagging it with. Pricing will be interesting, as I sense a loaded (LTE full memory) system will only slightly overlap the entry level Macbook.   Note I didn't say 'Air' (retina macbooks will wash out the 'air' line)  The Macbook will come down to those pricepoints ($899).   I don't think you'll see a $1150USD iPad, so I would think the top top (12"/256/LTE) of the line will be $999, and work backwards from...
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