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@DaringFireball had Mark Gherman(sp?) on and he had sources that said that this is less about street view, and more about HighRes pictures of locations for businesses/locations of interest to replace Yelp supplied photos.
 Avoiding the Eddie Sutton problem... "Why rob iCloud... "Because that's where the passwords are" Apple is reducing _THEIR_ risk.  When you are a trillion dollar company, putting yourself at risk for a 750Million credential hack is not a good thing (Granted, I an only assume it would be hard (like 10's of computing years to crack a credential) TODAY, but tomorrow brings greater cracking capabilities, and if I can just 'copy' the credential file, I can crack for years....
 It was pretty apparent Today that Apple was stating, "We value your privacy, and and if you value it, you'll pay us to protect it."
which I read...  "Everyone buys a training phone first"  (see shift in WW iPhone growth [20% YoY in the last year].Android is effectively market research for Apple, and a cheap 'try before you buy' option for most consumers.  Apple hones in on market direction, and users hone in on value.   The world, where phones are bought without subsidies, will be a slower conversion, but they will convert.   But figure that that top 10% will migrate to Apple.... and stay.  So Android...
Speak for yourself ;-) I can barely afford Apple Products... 
 Err,  I think he was sarcastically pinging on the spelling/usage error for Exxon MOBIL
+1  you feel it's silly, I feel it's risk averse.  Apple takes enough Billion dollar risks (most succeed [OSX, migration to x86, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Aseries, Watch], some fail [GTAT], MobileMe)  that when they don't take the risk, I'm comfortable they've done their due diligence.  If you feel it's silly, buy a share of apple and start a proxy fight to throw Tim Cook out the door for all his silliness.  
 "I would make it go to 11" - Nigel Tufnel 
you're just adding the TV... and in most [US] houses the cable modem is behind the TV... and this would then replace the massive cable box. I'm sure a lot of people said a tablet without a keyboard was too early.;-)
re: 2:  Because your phone and wrist aren't home all the time, and Internet sometimes goes down (hence a cloud solution ain't perfect) re: 3:  adding Siri costing money?.  A8 chips are probably less expensive than the current A5 chips (single purpose factory floor real estate being the most expensive thing).  Your phone is your new remote, and any new remote will be force touch anyway.   Your TV will be on, so the speakers are taken care of (or a $3 speaker that turns on...
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