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you're not from around here.  Apple doesn't sell it's competitive advantage. It is illogical to 'share the wealth'  The cost of the chips is miniscule compared to the profit  you can drive from being considered the 'best' laptop. (If I can sell 100,000 more $1200 laptops ($500 gross profit) because of the net benefits of the chip [$50M profits], vs selling 5 million chips at $5 (and a build at $2.50). [$12.5Million+ say 2.5 Million savings if you build a million laptops...
I agree with @gruber @daringfireball:  It seems to indicate an AppleTV in the center  of an architecture to denote broadcasting from the 'epicenter.'
"these go to eleven"
ipod touch.
Information wants to be free.   Secrets are an unnatural state for information.It's only industrial espionage if another company can do something with it.   The problem is, no one else can.
or worse, would you be OK a state protecting that religion or a person purporting that their beliefs make it 'okay.' I have no problem with a person claiming that their religious beliefs make them act in a certain way.  I just have a hard time with a state waiving prosecution based on this 'as long as it's a religion we agree with, then it's okay.' 
As CEO, and speaking as such in an Op-Ed,  and I would argue that there is nothing more important  than considering how my/our actions impact someone else.  That's pretty much what 'civilization' is about.  Name me one thing more important than getting _everyone_ to treat _everyone_ with respect and dignity, and no less human than someone else.  Whether it's you walking into a store on the corner who wants not to serve you based on your sexual identity, your religion, or...
And... all the different geometries just make for so many more UI compromises between phones (and pads).   From a UI point of view, you really want the same ratio, if not the same number of 'points' defining your X:Y plane.
Your logic, while sound, doesn't reflect how analysts think or act.   It doesn't matter what Apple says, the markets basically penalize Apple's Stock price when the Analysts end up being wrong.   Apple can hit their guidance, but if the analysts' wet dream predictions don't come through, the market blames apple, instead of the analyst.
I think replace is not the right word.   'extend' is the right one.The key gap.  Long Haul antennas.   I strongly doubt you'll get a 3-5 mile range for LTE communications with a devices that will need to get smaller (thickness) and lighter.  At least not in 10 years. The phone will supplant the laptop as the truly portable personal computer (your computer is always with you).  I would argue that the phone will 'shrink' back (retro;-) to a 3.5" fully waterproof footprint,...
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