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In Russia, Code Submits YOU!
a bit more business like... Г-н Путин, вы можете пойти на хуй
Agreed.   The Mini is a 'Mac Pro Lite'  Your monitor investment is separate from your CPU investment, which is the mindset of home computer switchers and some small businesses.   But for most consumers, the iMac is what they want.  For serious MacOphiles,   The real question is MBP and monitors, or iPad and iMac/Mini.  Yosemite/iOS8/Continuity/iCloud will make that choice swing even easier to the iMac, and the Macbook Pro will evaporate into the MBA/MacPro. The Mini will...
First off the thread was about the Mini,   which is not consumer centric. But, Apple's solution for the consumer (who already has a 1080P TV in the room):Airport ExpressAppleTVAirplay.Internet Content.Problem solved.
 Because each CPU has to align with the engineering.  Apple's tolerances for heat and power are a bit more exacting.   We don't want 40 flavors of 'broke-@ss' systems.   Seriously, a mobile device has a 1.75 year half life and 'One... Biillllion' potential customers.   A desktop has a 4 year half life, and 10Million potential customers.    Those that post to AI are likely the smallest minority of Apple customers, and the least likely for Apple to model a system design for...
plus a beer spigot...and a pretzel warmerand a... pony.
If these 9,300 people are seeing an iPhone for the first time ('literally'  not millions, just 9,300), then Ford hires ignorant idiots who have no idea of the world around them (Well, they did use SYNC on their cars;-).   5% (the ratio of Ford employees getting iPhones) of the F500 companies is just over 1 million.  Again, if this TOP 5% of corporate earners haven't been exposed to the apple ecosystem, Apple has been selling to the wrong market. The BIG WIN is not...
It isn't.  I used the number in an earlier thread to note to some people that have a concept that the IBM-Apple agreement will unleash the flood gates of new phone sales.  It won't.   This in fact shows that such conversions are so minor to Apple that corps aren't worth pursuing as a HW issue.  The big win (or loss if you were hoping to have your boss pay for your phone) is that IBM brings a iOS BYOD competency that allows big companies to switch from BES (it wasn't the...
"Life is pain, princess. . . anyone who says differently is selling something."
By someone, you mean you.  And you represent 0.1% of mac buying public.  Not a market Apple has to service and maintain mac viability.
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