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 you forget that Samsung can take the open source code and convert themselves.   The don't have to wait for Google to do it. The bigger issue is that what about all those fragments and developers cross supporting across 3-5 versions of OSes,  8 or nine geometries, and now 2 CPU register architectures. Most people who buy a Samsung phone buy for nothing but the screen size.   I know quite a few who say 'You should try my Samsung iPhone.'  I doubt anyone will even remember...
"ya awl is on mah propty... I gahn ta shu you"   Tennessee:  "you are on my property... I am going shoot you"   Texas:  "Your Oil is on my property... I am going sue you"
 what bugs?  It's a Mavericks timing issue.   While I doubt they planned on simultaneous release, they had to a) announce and b) test it.  Now they just have to get the back end deployed (your desktop).
If the passwords are for logging into cloud/internet services... Does your point even matter? 
One reason android is the 'first option' is that the delivery time for an app across multiple platforms is so long....  You can start your iOS development much much later and still release at the same time.  ;-)
so much for carrying an iPhone during my old timers 4x100m relay competition;-)   But really, can 'theft' be measured purely by a motion filter?  and if so, how accurate is it.   -Palming a phone as you pass by a restaurant table -vs mugging someone and dashing away     - or getting in a getaway car     - vs you running to a cab and then taking off   Somehow that's gotta be pretty smart. ....Then again, what else does the M7* chip have to do when it's not...
I'm starting to get it.  iOS 7 and the iPhone 5c are all about 'accessorizing'
Just read my posts in this thread... I'm starting to sound like DED.... (sigh)...   Back to work.
 This. This is not a race to the bottom.  It's a marathon to get high value customers into your ecosystem. the 'c' line solves a couple problems1) Apple is now committed to 'fashion' with colors and phone covers (remember antenna-gate, and all the Apple Execs pulled their 4's out and not one had a case?... I bet Every apple exec in China will have a 5c with a colorful case)2) its plastic.  Minor changes in packaging (color!) is a lot cheaper to push into the production...
 Yet, when Amazon lowers prices on Kindle, AWS, and starts requiring payment of state sales tax, Their stock price goes up 17% on profits of... nothing... they're losing money [sort of... they make money on the cashflow... smart]Or Google, who can't make decent hardware even after spending 15B to do so, is losing ad revenue, and is building out cheap Fiber Networks to the world....   there stock is up 30% over the last year... on 1/3rd the profit (adjusting for market...
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