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 apple didn't invent any technology or even any presentation of technology… it improved upon the current offerings, and/or made hard decisions ('de improved'… ala the 1 button mouse, removing all the expansion slots in laptops, not allowing flash or java on the iPhone, removing the mouse from 'tablets', etc.) that in the end, removed the enertia that was holding an entire industry back (is anyone lamenting the loss of flash on iOS?  is Android selling because of Flash, or...
Well, maybe they did, and the 'market' wants to punish Apple by:a) ignoring repeating those rumorsb) build up their own rumors of imminent deployment of retina mini, boosting prices.c) Short the stock immensely today on margin. (no serious player puts money into the market more than a couple days, if not a couple hours)d) wait until it's apparent apple isn't releasing a retina AND the market has some small buyers panic and selle) release the kraken and in 72 point font...
SIR Jonathan Ive to you...;) KBE and all that.
Every Iphone is Retina...  Has been for a year.   I don't think Apple considers it a 'pro' feature, but a 'performance envelope' issue.  Apple won't sacrifice weight or battery life, or in the iMac example, heat/price points..
Personally, just a 75ohm connector would do for me…. which would allow taking in OTA or cable….
 But there is this: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/09/03/apple-taking-shipments-of-set-top-boxes-hints-at-new-apple-tv-product If Apple is stockpiling for the last 2 month+  16 metric tons a week  (if the total weight of a packaged appleTV is a pound, that, 32,000 a week of these things... x10 weeks... 320,000 units).   Amazon could be being shipped a few of these before release date...  I can see Apple embargoing orders till the 22nd, and Amazon would have 'next day...
The numbers above are quarterly activations, which can come from any source (Big Box [BBY, WMT, TGT] , Apple, Verizon stores, Verizon resellers)... Not sales.  So the estimate is inclusive all Apple Store Sales, Verizon Sales, Drop Ship sales, Target, Walmart, radio shack, etc etc etc.), who chose (if a new customer, or reupped with a new iPhone) the Verizon network last  quarter
This helps them avoid putting Office on iOS at less than $20 per app (to compete with Pages, numbers, keynote), yet allow them to gouge their own faithful…   Clever Girl….
get inclinometer... it has a calibration mode that takes 'flat but unlevel' under account. but for the most part, the $5 level is a better tool for the job.  (I do like the iPhone for leveling furniture, however). -ToG (in a 120yo house.... It's amazing how much .2deg slope makes a difference for 8'x6' bookshelves;-)... or worse... when new work is level against floors and ceilings that are not;)
Doubt that.  the 5s isn't dual sourcing it's accelerometers. It's also been discussed that the power requirements, and the net size of the Bosch chip are smaller, with size being the likely differentiator.   I strongly doubt this is dual sourcing.
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