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Agreed and piling on.... Fewer/brighter LEDs also can mean that they have found a more efficient LED on the power curve.  Rule of thumb:  1 bulb of 2X wattage is brighter than 2 bulbs of 1X wattage (more efficient), but diffusing that light then dampens the gain (less effective).   A better back coating for diffusion and a more efficient LED would mean less net wattage necessary for the same percieved brightness, and therefore less power demand (smaller battery).
to some people it is significant. Hey... this is like a faster processor, a bigger screen, longer battery life, HDMI interfaces... the iPad will lose on many single point shootouts.Great for kindle... it's designed to have a fantastic display.  and I think Amazon is in the end the real competitor in the tablet wars... Samsung just doesn't have an ecosystem.     Now... would you want to run your business on a kindle?  can you play decent games on a Kindle?  Is it easy to...
700 at a time is a good number.   Apple is doing the what it can, which isn't much.  I'm a recovering capitalist, and I see Apple like any corporate giant.  They'd love to make all their phones in countries where they are sold, but most countries aren't set up to make that profitable (or 'as profitable'.)    You can't complain about a $500 stock price  being too low, and a $399 ipad mini being too high, and then say Apple isn't hiring enough Americans for it's factories....
err.. actually the US was built on the backs of African slaves, who had no choice in the matter.   And a lot of white people still hate non-white people, and they feel they can define 'whiteness' based on a social norm. (italian americans weren't considered white for the longest time by federal statute, nor were (are?) Iranians... who by definition are the basis of whiteness (Iranian is derived from the same root as Aryan).
Jesus and his parents were undocumented 'illegal' aliens for the first years of his life.  Sometimes the moral thing to do is leave one country for the survival of your family.  
irish, canadian, brits, maybe not. Africans, yes.Chinese, yes.They hate undocumented non-white people so much that documented non-white people feel the wrath.
and maybe a catchup version... like all those shoddy podcast releases...  I was hoping for more... but then again, I'm hoping for a completely new interface that 'reverse airplay's' the navigation of appleTV to the iDevice Screen...  We do have to remember, there are a few million lines of code Apple is maintaining now for 'free.'  I'm hoping release quality won't suffer from that decision.  
2) pump bilge water out of the starboard tanks to counter act the inward list as you swirl around the bowl....
err, Mac OS was never renamed Mac OSX. Mac OS was retired, and replaced with NeXTSTEP which was renamed Mac OSX.
"Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer." Samsung seeing that less and less of a cash cow is theirs... yet keeping them in the loop for a taste of what they could have if they played well with others.... I'm still amazed that it's the A7/M7 that they allow Samsung to make... although it's the critical component and therefore Apple is pretty much tied to someone who can deliver strategic components on time, in quantity, and with quality.   That said, it could...
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