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New HW and New SW...  always a good reason to wait (or expect problems) until the .1 release.   This goes back to dark (Black NeXT:-) ) days.
It's a decent release of a great OS, but let's not get lost in hyperbole.  There are  a lot of things that iOS7 changed that were previously 'okay' and the act of changing them can be considered provocative vs innovative.  I do think they swung a bit too hard on the UI, and 7.1 will nudge them back.  As for apps that are broken, for the most part there are non-Apple alternatives to all of them.   The OS was FREE (and you get what you pay for); let's not get our panties in...
TouchID is the only reason for a mini refresh...   Multiple Profiles is a SW thing... although I'm sure in doing it right there are HW variables that could be tweaked (more flashRAM). In general, 6 months prior  predictions easy to make/remake/unmake and make again.   No news here... move on.
Great.  the 1% of the world that develops gets great tools to create crappy apps (really, the problem with MS isn't their dev environment, it's that they had no Dev STYLE).   Apple for all it's limitations... drives developers to a really decent first level UI.   Now there are some magicians who make even Apple's UX stodgy, but at least Apple makes them aim high, and THINK about how the user uses the app. 
Again, it's a fine line.   choice is good.  but minimum standards to protect the stupid, and their contacts. The fact that a kill switch can also be used to disable a subset populace makes me cringe... That's why I choose apple vs carrier sponsored phones.   But in general... there are a lot bigger problems I wish my congress would be working on.
Phones and Wireless spectrum are a regulated industry.   Unfortunately this is way outside of making sure the spectrum is used for the public good. But at the same token it's a 'social good' thing, sort of like driving, and requiring you wear seat belts and have insurance.   If you lose your smart phone, _I'M_ at risk - of personal data theft, of being socially engineered for malicious intent, or even physical harm ('find friends'... your crazy ex steals my phone and...
Opinions vary.    you connect to wires when you don't move.   TVs don't move.   100Mbps is a minimum requirement for a good HD movie.  There will still be a hard line Internet into the house, and likely it will be coax.  or fiber. The content deals may be fragile, and if you play devils advocate, Cable companies have to plan for the future without lock in... and the future will be becoming 100Mb pipes to homes.... and if they don't partner with Apple, then Google and Apple...
Change will come, but it will come slow.   Blame your municipalities [selling your right to choose content providers to the highest bidder], not the content creators or the cable companies, and the FCC.
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