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Racism is more refined that that.    "He didn't go to Harvard.... like this guy""His net worth makes us queasy he can't dedicate the time to the position""She has a 14 yo child" You don't have to say it... you just have to have enough people to 'think it'.
Racism/discrimination is a cumulative effect.  What happened to people of color 20-40 years ago (and their parents and grandparents before them) basically eliminated them as potential candidates [didn't go to the right school, haven't worked up the corporate ladder, not economically self sufficient because no generational wealth accumulation].  Jesse is saying effectively that the bastion of white maledom needs affirmative action. And... check your stats.  US Bureau of...
he didn't... he said 'happily racist' if all white men were on the board.   Didn't say how they got there, didn't say why, no validation of the process... just said he'd be happily called that if that were the result.  I try not to read much into what people say, but I also learned that their first direct thought is the most accurate one.
And I would posit  that 'token' is a bad choice of words (or was it?)   I think 'Board members who can best represent our global community of owners, employees and customers' Job creation in the knowledge industry is less about creating 'jobs' in Detroit, than to 'educate for the new economy' in Detroit.   That's where the problem lies.  Education is based on property values and people with no excess capital for community reinvestment (due to 100's of years of not being...
A lot more White congressmen have done far worse... so what your saying is non-white congressmen are no different than white congressmen? So they are qualified to sit on boards just like white ex-congressmen?
 The inclusion of 'rather have all white men... and if that makes me racist, I'm happily so'   is a telling turn of a phrase.    I read that as: I don't care about people not like me, as long as I get and keep mine, and I'll do whatever is necessary to do so' That's prima facie evidence of Racism as I have learned it. But I may be wrong....What's your definition of Racism?
Weak Sauce.   It's actually a testament to how non-white people can achieve when their talents are nurtured at young age and rewarded based on ability, not on what school you came from (well... in a different sense, maybe), or did I hobnob with your father in the day....
Gotta Fill the pool.  This isn't about taking some schmoe off the street and putting him on the Board.   This is executive grooming.   Large Corps pride themselves in their executive development (Apple, actually doesn't do what the military and GE do, which transfer their protege's into other divisions to get a feel of the 'whole company' - they are very 'up from the bottom' mode).    The problem won't be solved tomorrow.  But the solution can be started today.
and it's a barrier for entry that goes back generations.   If we are a people who 'apply energy to fix problems [inequality/justice]'  then this means an 'affirmative' set of 'actions' (being careful not to link those together).   The fact that, especially for African Americans, several generations got no return on their sweat, and even now, a black man with a pristine college degree will more than likely lose out to a white guy with a felony criminal record is...
Amazon is the only player that can beat Apple at Apple's Game.  Because they are all about the customer experience. This is to be expected.   As movie theaters die, and bandwidth becomes commodity, content on demand will be a battle between Apple, Cable, and Amazon.   Netflix is a one trick pony competing with the networks.  Apple and Amazon are competing against all distribution/payment networks.
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