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Personally, just a 75ohm connector would do for me…. which would allow taking in OTA or cable….
 But there is this: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/09/03/apple-taking-shipments-of-set-top-boxes-hints-at-new-apple-tv-product If Apple is stockpiling for the last 2 month+  16 metric tons a week  (if the total weight of a packaged appleTV is a pound, that, 32,000 a week of these things... x10 weeks... 320,000 units).   Amazon could be being shipped a few of these before release date...  I can see Apple embargoing orders till the 22nd, and Amazon would have 'next day...
The numbers above are quarterly activations, which can come from any source (Big Box [BBY, WMT, TGT] , Apple, Verizon stores, Verizon resellers)... Not sales.  So the estimate is inclusive all Apple Store Sales, Verizon Sales, Drop Ship sales, Target, Walmart, radio shack, etc etc etc.), who chose (if a new customer, or reupped with a new iPhone) the Verizon network last  quarter
This helps them avoid putting Office on iOS at less than $20 per app (to compete with Pages, numbers, keynote), yet allow them to gouge their own faithful…   Clever Girl….
get inclinometer... it has a calibration mode that takes 'flat but unlevel' under account. but for the most part, the $5 level is a better tool for the job.  (I do like the iPhone for leveling furniture, however). -ToG (in a 120yo house.... It's amazing how much .2deg slope makes a difference for 8'x6' bookshelves;-)... or worse... when new work is level against floors and ceilings that are not;)
Doubt that.  the 5s isn't dual sourcing it's accelerometers. It's also been discussed that the power requirements, and the net size of the Bosch chip are smaller, with size being the likely differentiator.   I strongly doubt this is dual sourcing.
and or the M7? I'm finding the software for using the compass and accelerometer  on the 4s under 7.0.2 ( compass and inclinometer ) seems a bit flaky.  compass seems to 'lockup' at crazy declinations for minutes and then oscillating then locking up.   my iphone 5 under iOS 6 was not nearly as crazy.   now under 7 both phones seems to be crazy sensitive accelerometers compared to the prior iOS release.   So I doubt it's HW, and more a SW issue.
The issue is that the glass will have to be different than just about any other glass made for Apple. That's more risk (unproven capacity).  This is not moving from a 4 to a 4s sort move.  this is like moving from the 4's' to a 5, which had both supply constraints and manufacturing constraints (new assembly technologies). Retina mini will be a major demand (those waiting to move down from a iPad 2/3, and those who have a Mini now and demand a better experience) in the...
    I disagree to a degree.  If it were price, the Mini would have flopped in the market it came into, and the iPad 4 would not have sold at all against the iPad2. The factor is 'need' at the time.  'need' has many dimensions: portability, app performance, battery life, visual presentation, app sphere, build quality etc.  And the Uber need:  What qualities of the device best meet my individual job requirements for this device. The Mini was competing in a space with the...
If I were to imagine the 5'c' will be 99c in a year.  It will be selling like hotcakes as the late adopters children get their phones.the 6 and 6c will be released (6'c' = 5s capabilities + ? .  6?  who know?) and with it's lower manufacturing margins, one can assume it's off-contract price will erode faster (once the manufacturing costs have depreciated) than the 4 and 4s, so it may be even more of a cost saver.  In the end, you're right, but less about a 'cost saver' and...
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