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partially right... they also are using them for employee grants/warrants/options/ESOPs But in general, if Apple had 900,000,000 shares outstanding and buys back 900,000 shares and 'destroys them' then the remaining 899,100,000 shares are roughly 0.11% more valuable.
Being a Dividend stock makes it attractive to institutional funds  all those funds for 401Ks and IRAs. That's why getting included in the Dow is important... massive exposure to index funds.
now....  playing this card out a bit... could you see a bit of stock manipulation based on the craziness of the analysts reacting to 'situation normal' information. - Apple sees a more positive number cooking in the pipeline- Apple sees the possibility to book revenues next quarter *- takes action... backing off the performance numbers to fit in the lower guidance levels- Analysts tank the stock after the public announcement- Apple effectively covers it 'shorts'- Next...
 Buyback and dividend is a double bump.  Apple is both growth stock and a income stock.   double dip investing.   Stock Houses see a demand from the Joe Investor to pick up 10 shares now at $800 every quarter in their personal IRA, as well as the big mutual funds stuffing their 'growth and income' mutual funds with AAPL.
when your stock splits, pretty much nothing happens... your broker just multiplies your holding by 7 at the magic hour, and the price goes to 1/7th (and all the math on dividends, p/e, market cap... they all wash out).   This is definitely driving the liquidity of the stocks and driving the stock back into the consumer market.   Them buying up stock (which on the one hand concentrated the stocks into the buy and hold group, and arguably made employees a higher percentage...
Ever read FireFox (better than the movie)? The premise of the book was the Soviets built a fighter/interceptor that was controlled by the pilot's thoughts... but only if you thought in russian;-).  Supposedly that saved tenths of seconds in dogfights (and when your arms are pinned down by centripetal force it allows you to engage your landing gear to stop a flat spin).    What I'm saying is that mind reading hardware is 'prior art'.   So it's not special;-)
my view is that with a $499 device and a decent set of headphones, you got your TV with you all the time. So people will forgo the 'TV in every room' model, to 1 'Theater' TV and hand me down iPads. TVs refresh every 7-15 years. mobile every 3. The cost about the same ($400-$800) for the great majority of the phone and TV market (32-55 in). simple math tells me that this is for real (why it took till now is that for the past 8 years, the conversion to HD TVs has...
Fraud detection is a totally different beast when you need a finger print to make a payment.   Processing?   I would argue at .99 per sale Apple is probably 'processing' as many or more transactions as Paypal.  looking at the numbers Paypal is probably passing 150B a year between buyers and sellers in 2013, I don't think the number of transactions are nearly the number that Apple is processing.
Prempt doesn't mean PREVENT.   Google built Glass... Apple didn't necessarily feel pre-empted. or even needing to enter in the market. Lots of Tablets existed before the iPad...  the iPhone... everyone said Apple couldn't catch up with the market 'leaders,'  because 'it's hard' to design a smartphone. just about everyone built an MP3 player before iPod, pre-emption didn't affect Apple much.   In the end, for a secure payment system, everything from the device to the...
 And piling on... Remember all the analysts predicting the M7 chip?   Yeah, they're clued into what Apple is or isn't doing.
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