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I dunno, for me... knowing where the lens is is a big deal and knowing I just put a greasy french fry ketchup smudge on it as I line up my food tweet shot is important. ;-);-) But in reality, in trade off on tapered ends (feels good), and larger lens assembly (better pictures), I doubt that Jony et al will say, Absolutely not. and I _do_ like a registration point for my fingers. 
yes they would. But their short term goal is to get the Television and Cable channel networks to PAY THEM A LOT to not let you watch such drivel on your iDevice. Their long term goal is to bypass the Television and Cable networks and make all the subscription fees and  advertising money their own. Apple... just want's their xx% from in-app purchases. Follow the Money.
pretty much just a perception number.  It's hardly a reality. Profits are hard cash.  real, and indisputable. BTW, Apple already hit 600B Cap... (April 2012... and went to nearly 660B in September 2012 )*     So... Yawn.    and to answer your question.  MS hit 619B (in 1999 USD),  So, you missed your chance to celebrate the passing of MS the first time....  *Stock BuyBacks have lowered the number of shares in play, hence the reason why the stock price is higher (post...
they are not in boxes until they go through final QA which requires the final OS installs. With specialized HW and loading sequences, I doubt what you see as a load speed is what they see in the factory. The bigger deal (to me) is fulfillment of 1-2Million phones from 48 hours prior to ship to your doorstep and 50,000 retail locations world wide.  I can only imagine a fleet of 747s looking like something out of the Battle of Britain war movie taking off wing-tip to...
I think the new chip is a driver to have a 'carrier' only 'forever hold your peace' beta...     Sept 5 sounds like there's another beta release prior to GM targeting developers and key QA people.   Unless there are hills to die on in the Carrier only release, a RC beta release next week will likely be there for app level bug verification.  Otherwise, the carrier beta will at worst impact release dates for some carriers (one can assume that the top 20 have already...
At what point is your usage demands a true Virtual Memory management system and  OS, e.g. a Macbook Air?    I don't ask my Honda Accord to haul 3 ton of fertilizer, because it's not the right tool for the job.  But I do haul a couple hundred pounds at a time, knowing that for small jobs , and the occasional  repeat trips to Lowes, the extra round trip time is not that bad compared to the rental/purchase price of a pickup truck.  
or providing a nexus so they can 'subpoena' the information they desire. This is less about the NSA, and more about China wanting to keep it's dissident's messages/notes, etc within their borders.
my guess... 5.5 was seeded by Apple to troll for leakers, and to keep competition guessing.   Sort of like Patton's Ghost Army.
more like 5s and 5c.  both released on the same date last year... just a month late. Or like Tallest Skil pointed out  CDMA/GSM would require different sku's. the TL;DR of this is:   Thailand is slated for early release of next version(s) of iPhone.
 No.   Amazon is quite possibly the most 'take over the retail world' minded company.  Investor's love(d) them as they continue to increase marketshare.  Profits are plowed into infrastructure and further land grabs.   It's a long game... that only they and Apple play well.   Google is too scatter brained in their efforts, like a college research lab.  Dell gave their business the away to ASUS in the same manner.   Most small business think 6 mo - 1 year in advance, but...
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