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Keeping them around?... I'm thinking they are using up the (contracted) pile they have.   The last 10M probably cost next to nothing to make, so they contracted for a bunch just in case there was a need [5c didn't hit the market well, plan to sell 4s's at a extremely discounted price to make up the difference wasn't needed, whatever], and they have 8M give or take left to get rid of. 
agreed, however this may be the '16gb' model for the next 15+ months.  the 32, 64 (and 128;-) will likely be an A7/M7 or higher chip and I'm guessing TouchID.   TouchID, Mx, and the ability to interact with wearables  (I can see a new shuffle design that has a skin contact, and/or a nano with a contact enabled case with limited [HR] monitoring) will be the key across the board capabilities of all low end iPods).
the hit will be shared.   I'm sure Walmart got more profit margin from a list price iPhone 5x than any phone before it.  the 5c was priced in a manner to allow retail pricing 'flexibility' from the get go.  Cutting their profits in half  is business as usual for them.  Again, it's the back to school  season.  Walmart wants families to come in to buy a $29 phone and the other $300 of stuff they could buy at Target,  Costco, etc, because in the parent's eyes, they are...
exactly...  But people who are 'looking to buy' are who Apple wants to lock into their ecosystem, and I think the differentiator next year will be TouchID everywhere.  Every product sold will be Touch ID enabled.  That's my prediction, with the exceptions of the Pad Air, and iPad Mini Rd.It's a requirement for secure transactions, financially and health info wise, therefore 'press to unlock' will be come the new 'swipe to unlock' motion.
Yeah, that Agency Pricing model was pure market evil compared to allowing Amazon to maintain Status Quo, wasn't it?
Piling on... with an unsub'ed phone, TCO is the same, only with freedom.  the vendors don't give you a discount on the plan, you can just switch without penalty.   Therefore the value proposition of a subscription phone for the mass consumer is that $70, $99, $199... up front.  If you need a phone, you need a phone now, and you're looking for savings now, and you assume that you won't need to change plans (You can assume that a majority of phones for US 16-19 year olds are...
Note:     Normally next quarter (July-Sep) is the lowest for sales for Apple   Normally, in October, these are the prices (the 5c would be .99, but that's an anomaly) we would be seeing for these models.   If 'permanently' is the operative word, Every retailer will match... or eat inventory in the channel.  This is effectively an Apple Price drop.   It's pretty obvious that a) Apple is clearing the channels of products (iMac, iPod, iPhone, and it's early... I...
the anti-poaching treaties were shredded per court order...   Poaching employees (e.g. "a fair and open job market") is perfectly legal.
and then incrementally backup the remote mirror to Worm drives...because... I've seen an rm -r /* (instead of rm -r ./*) destroy a mirror;-)
is that external drive tested regularly with random restores and compares?   Nothing worse than backing up to Write Only Disk drives;-)?(What most Exchange Server backup disks were in the 90's;-) Trust.  But Verify.   And do the same for Girlfriends (next time, use a revokable key...  they're pretty cheap now ;-) )
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