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 Why not Plastic Shell? It would make more sense in that it would outwardly designate the 'class' of device as the same as the iPhone 5c.  Granted, the savings aren't that great compared to not using fused champhored glass, but it would less expensive, and likely a savings on a par with dropping from 16 to 8GB. All said, it's a supply chain rumor.   Reuters and Kuo may be using the same set of sources, and it's really just 2 reports of the same data, and therefore of...
Any thought of Apple replacing both the Cable Set Top Box and the Cable Modem?  I mean like Airport Extreme TV?  
 HBO is the exclusive TV rights owner (cable/broadcast/DVD).   Their issue is that they can't provide a non-cable solution without renegotiating contracts with every cable company who expect all HBO first run TV content to be exclusively cable driven. In essense, the problem is evolving the contracts with the cable industry, which unlike music is geographically franchised and a mishmash of national, regional, and even municipal sized cable carriers.    You can't just get a...
 That's Apple standard deal.   And HBO isn't biting… so your example basically proves the invalidity of your theory.
  that's 'testy'
 Then you have no owners…  it becomes a collective… then it's COMMUNISM!    Pinko! /s
????   is this funny? as it's no strategy to stop iCahn's rant.
 last point… yep. First point.  I question 'comfort zone.'   Cook and Oppenheimer have worked in Debt financed businesses in the past.   I do think that from when they joined the company (98 and 96), and Steve's subsequent return, cash was a serious concern, primarily if you are changing the computing world… you need several months, if not years of operating cash to suffer through new product development and adoption curves if you 'miss' slightly (think of NeXT… if they...
 problem is, there is no classification of 'investor' in Apple's proxy form.     And it's Icahn's basic M.O.  'Sell Off' assets to prop stock price and/or lever a buy out.   But he is an 'owner,' and as a part owner, he can lobby other owners to his side or not. $150Billion… thats $170/share.  Now it's unclear if that's total (on top of current buybacks) or in addition to.  Problem is… Classic Apple valuation seems directly related to retained cash/equivalents. This is far...
 Consumers have a lower barrier of entry, not competitors. in the terms of consumers able to become consumers of their model (a username a password a credit card, and I'm cranking transactions), it means a huge P/E ratio.   And in google's case, they just need you to click.
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