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 problem is, there is no classification of 'investor' in Apple's proxy form.     And it's Icahn's basic M.O.  'Sell Off' assets to prop stock price and/or lever a buy out.   But he is an 'owner,' and as a part owner, he can lobby other owners to his side or not. $150Billion… thats $170/share.  Now it's unclear if that's total (on top of current buybacks) or in addition to.  Problem is… Classic Apple valuation seems directly related to retained cash/equivalents. This is far...
 Consumers have a lower barrier of entry, not competitors. in the terms of consumers able to become consumers of their model (a username a password a credit card, and I'm cranking transactions), it means a huge P/E ratio.   And in google's case, they just need you to click.
last point first.last) You apparently confused me with a google hater.  I'm a gmail domain owner.  It's not nasty.  1) sounds nothing like IBM.  The IBM model is predicated on arbitrage labor rates and holding mainframes hostage, not on building a new delivery model for small and large businesses to implement commerce on their own. 2) razors for razor blades.  You're worrying about why gillette won't support schick razors, while Apple is selling a shaving experience.  No...
 I claim no great insight. Everything I know about Apple Market Economics is from the discussions on Asymco.com, by Horace Dediu.
 who is 'they?'   Apple… no.   The local Franchise, yes, maybe, and that's their prerogative.   Remember, blackouts are for one reason… free or semi-free (cable) TV keeps people out of the stands.   If the stream is Pay Per View at $10 vs a $16 bleacher seat, the team may think that's close enough, and the game won't be blacked out for purchased games. NFL Football is the only sport I know that blacks out as a rule… that's a national rule (they want full stadiums for the...
GPS.  If app driven the app can require location services.  then they  know where you are, and that's all they need.
 The guys resume' is that he's got financial savvy and back office skills.  While sunday ticket is wishful thinking…  He could be the 'exec' in charge of coming up with the money plan that makes FB, basketball and hockey win win for apples and the leagues.  ...or this is just MLB's big play and they wanted 'one of them' in at Apple before they expanded their iOS offerings (after looking at football, I'm thinking that Apple sports entree' is better suited for Baseball as a...
 the A9x's 
 No pun intended?
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