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Watching a video of a lecture and typing in your notes at the same time.  (or , if you're like me, typing my paper due in 40 minutes, while watching my prof lecture in this (distance learning) class;-} ). Like I said, if Apple wants to maintain 92% capture of the classroom, this is a deal closer.  Surface and Android need not apply.   
I do think the 'select/drag/drop' action is something that 100% of the people grok (click on a picture in an email, drag it into a photo album.... select a paragraph from a iBooks document, and [properly attributed] drag it into a pages document. The biggest use I see is when taking a MOOC class, watching a video/youtube, or even reading an iBook, and wanting to type notes without  totally shifting context.     From an educational context (get them while their young), this...
piling on...  I think the only way this works is with a major 'app/data' split and/or icloudish ('network profiles' ala Windows) storage of key information.   But you're forking the thread with absolutely no regard to the parent article. My guess is that this rumor (multiple apps displayed on same screen) is more in alignment with 'one person owning many devices all linked by iCloud' than 'shared personal iDevices' [yes, sharing is contradictory to the basic premise of the...
True multi-active Apps displaying in parallel, will be more intensive yes... but thinking you need 1GB of active pages per active app may be a bit overkill at this moment.
OTOH, Apple has a retail branch.   Why wait 2 days an Amazon Prime when you can pick up a $2000 MBPrd while your S.O. is shopping at the Mall, and be tethered to your iPhone by the time your in the food court. Being 2nd in online sales isn't bad when your 1st in revenue per retail square foot... Apple is diversified in a couple different dimensions....RetailOnlineDirect Sales (education, corporate)
yes, there is quite a precedent...  However, I think in the consumer class, (iPad, AppleTV, iPhone) only when the OS basically specs it (or defines it... when the iPhone4 was announced, the iOS announcement would have effectively released the information about the device, so it really was a necessary linkage). The developer class (and the 'to be developed for')  hardware has always been announced there. and I do think the nMP was less for the developers, and more for the...
me...  I cut and restrung the cord.   partly for business demands.   But, I take the Oatmeal approach to game of thrones... With the thought that the potential of recovering a little streaming revenue may change HBO's content delivery options.
 plausible. Given that one can assume the 'really cool stuff' will be built into the iOS 8 release, showing off a wearable (maybe not an iWatch) at WWDC to show how it integrates is how to draw developers to the device (those that aren't currently under the tent.).  That's what WWDC is about... introducing stuff that makes Developers go 'Whoa.... I got to develop on/for that!'
The only constant is change. The fact that iOS8 won't even show up to consumers till September means you got 5 more months of stability, and 5 more after that if you so choose.   
If they got their act together, building an IoT's in the home is a good thing.   I can think of some coolness... "Do I have beer in the fridge?"   And a PTZ camera scans your fridge for beer.   From your phone, tablet, tv... "Is my laundry load done?  is are the clothes in the dryer dry?"  These are things Samsung 'could' integrate into their world.... but because they are 10 different companies, not gonna happen. But that would take more than 24 months of planning, and in...
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